The Truth About Feeding Babies Honey

From the olden times, people have recommended honey as a natural medicine for cough and cold.

It was a common custom in India to give honey to newborn babies within two hours of their birth. It is preferable over cough syrups. Mothers include this ingredient in their baby’s diet from a very early age. They think this magical natural ingredient is better than other chemical syrups. 

In case babies caught a cold, mothers would feed them a little honey instead of medicines. Many mothers give their babies this ingredient with neem and tulsi to avoid infections. 

However, honey is not safe for babies below twelve months of age. Many doctors advise against feeding honey to babies below twelve months.

Children over the age of one have a more mature digestive system that prevents them from bacteria and other infectious diseases—a disease in infants known as botulism, caused by feeding honey at a very young age. 

What is Raw Honey

Raw honey is described as honey that exists in the beehive—extracting honey from honeycombs of the beehive then pouring it on nylon cloth so that the impurities separate from the honey-like beeswax and dead bees. Once strained, this raw honey is ready to be enjoyed.

Moreover, honey is an incredibly healthy food. Raw honey helps in boosting the immune system and has anti-cancer benefits. 

Many people use honey in place of sugar. Nowadays, a honey online shopping store is easily accessible; hence you do not have to worry about where you will obtain it. You can easily buy raw honey online. Besides, you can also find forest honey online.

Raw honey is readily available online; it contains accessible sugars, proteins, acids, amino acids, and several other pigments.

People consider the quality of the product as a success factor for honey products, whereas honey industries face many challenges in preserving honey products. Honey plays a significant role in the medical field, as it is a healthy and popular product. 

Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey health benefits

The efficacy of honey, coupled with other medicines, makes it a complementary and alternative medicine for most ailments, including cancer. The inclusion of this ingredient in the diet of infants helps in various health benefits for children.

Many studies show that nourishing infants with honey helps in the improvement of memory and enhanced growth. Honey given to infants indicated a high tolerance level and acceptability of this natural sweetener in honey-fed babies, and they cry less than those given sterile water. 

Children who take honey compared to other children have more calcium utilization, which helps in their digestion. Honey helps in weight gain and reduces diseases. Benefits of consuming honey include treatment in general body pain, chest pain, cough, bronchitis, throat aches, and urinary infection. 

  • Raw honey is a good source of antioxidants.
  • It contains antifungal properties.
  • Heals wounds.
  • Helps indigestion
  • Soothe a sore throat. 

Types of Raw Forest Honey

Forest raw honey increases immunity. Forest honey is an excellent incentive to maintain the forests because the bees only produce the honey if the habitat is well maintained. There are different types of raw honey, such as;


It is dry and hot potency honey. The formation process consists of poisonous flowers that help in the circulation of blood.


This kind of honey is heavy; not easily digestible. Moreover, it contains sweet properties in it. 


It is the best honey and is primarily used for the management of cough and asthma. 


It has a sweet taste after digestion. Chatra honey is also bulky, which means not easy to digest. It has cold and slimy properties.

Additional Information on Honey

Production of honey is all about profitability in the beekeeping sector. Online honey shopping increases nowadays, as the weather gets cold.

Honey satisfies the needs of clients by helping them in curing different diseases, helping economically. Studies have shown that the average consumption of honey was 1.32 kg.

However, honey consumption rates differed, ranging from 0.065 to 0.5 kg per person per month.  

Every product is to satisfy customer needs and fulfill a consumer’s demand. The volume of sales product mainly consists of the ability to meet customer needs. Therefore, understanding consumer behavior factors is the first step towards making essential marketing decisions to increase honey sales.


Honey is being used to cure various diseases. Due to the adverse effects of drugs, researchers pay more attention to plant-based medications.

This natural ingredient is a natural substance since ancient times for medicinal purposes. Raw honey contains antioxidants, bioactive chemicals that help all parts of the human body. 

It is a powerful ingredient that helps in combating various diseases children are susceptible to. Mothers prefer to give this magical ingredient to their children in cold weather to prevent them from catching a cold and cough.

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