Fashion Tips for the Oversized Woman

For the overweight woman, finding clothes that fit is a struggle. In addition to sizing and style considerations, the fashion world has traditionally not catered to this demographic well. Due to this, many women feel like they can’t wear what everyone else does. They’re afraid to dress too revealing because their arms and legs may jiggle, or clothes may never fit right.

It’s important to remember that there is more than one way to dress “overweight.” Sometimes it may take time for you to figure out what works best on your body type, so don’t expect this process of trial-and-error dressing up will go away anytime soon. But once you find something flattering, then feel free to rock those jeans with pride! This blog post will tell about how to dress for your body type and what kind of style you should go for if you’re an oversized woman.

Wear a belt to make your waist look smaller

A belt is a fashion trick many women use to create the illusion of an hourglass shape, but it also helps define your waist. If you’re not sure what size belt will fit around your hips and still close with ease, take a piece of string or ribbon that’s about two inches wide. Wrap it around both sides of your body at the level where you want the belt closure to lie on each side – one in front and one behind – then tie them together on either side (or put them through hoops if they are adjustable).

The length should be slightly shorter than the circumference of your waistline when measured from above. When worn over clothing, this measurement should be approximately between 12-14 inches long. This technique will help you find what size belt you need and avoid any outfit malfunctions.


Know your neckline

The first thing to always consider when shopping for clothes is the neckline. You want it to be low enough that everything fits comfortably but high enough so that there’s no risk of your bra being visible in a V-neck or scooped shirt. A crew neckline (which means a turtleneck) can help conceal some stomach and back fat if those are issues from weight gain as well.

You may have to increase one size for shirts with these types of collars, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering they’re designed as an oversized fit already anyway! If you find yourself often wearing tops without sleeves like on a dress shirt, you might want to consider a blazer. This can help give the illusion of sleeves and take away any unwanted attention from your arms

or backside that may not be covered by whatever outfit you’re wearing on top. You can also shop boob tape if you want to give your body a perfect shape.

Wear clothes that are loose but not too baggy

woman look outside

If you wear clothes that are too baggy, they can sometimes make a person appear heavier than what they really are. This is especially true in the midsection and thigh region, where the fabric will drape or cling to skin folds. Wearing clothes with slightly narrower cuts or looser-fitting pants may be best for this body type! Another great idea might be wearing something like leggings with wider tops as well, so there’s more coverage overall.

If your arms won’t stop jiggling when you walk, try layering long-sleeved shirts under short-sleeved ones, which we call “layered turtlenecks.” You can also wear a sleeveless shirt under short-sleeved shirts for the same effect. If you’re afraid to show your thighs or arms, try wearing clothes that are more fitted and form-fitting in these areas, so they don’t look too baggy.


Oversized women come in all shapes and sizes! For this reason, it’s hard to say what size an oversized woman should wear because there may not be one specific “oversized” size available from every brand. The best thing is to always go with whatever clothing feels most comfortable – whether tight or loose-fitting – but if you have trouble finding something that fits well off the rack, then shopping online can be helpful as some stores offer free shipping when you order plus-size clothes.


Try wearing skirts and dresses with leggings instead of tights

If your thighs and arms are too big to show, try wearing skirts and dresses with leggings underneath so you can still be comfortable in your form-fitting clothes.

Find pants with elastic waistbands if they’re comfortable and fit well

If you’re going to wear jeans, look for pants with elastic waistbands. They’ll fit your curves in all the right areas and help keep clothes from sliding down over time. Besides, these pants will make you feel comfortable and confident.


Choosing plus-size clothes is a huge step for many women. But if you follow these simple tips, it will be much easier and convenient for you to find the clothes that accentuate your body.

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