Nine World’s Famous Chicken Dishes Of All Time

Chicken is one of the most omnipresent ingredients worldwide. From chicken parmigiana to Grilled Chicken, hundreds of dishes you can try with this one item. No doubt, chicken is a rich protein source, and protein is immensely imperative for a healthy lifestyle.

But factually, you can’t try the same dish each day as it doesn’t entice your taste buds. Additionally, preparing chicken in the same way makes your cooking tedious. But gladly, try are thousands of different ways to cook chicken and bring a wow factor in it.

So, are you looking for a mouthwatering and unique chicken recipe for a special event like birthday and anniversary? If yes, then with pleasure, you are at the most proper place.

The current discussion is quite informative and exciting for all the chicken lovers out there. We have brought together the world’s famous and delicious chicken recipes for you. Indeed, out of all the recipes, selecting the best chicken dish isn’t simple for you. After all, you can prepare them differently with their unique qualities. So, let us know which of the recipes you loved the most. We expect you to try all of them at home and share your worthy experience with us.

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Who doesn’t like tender, juicy and delicious chicken? Well, Pan Grilled Chicken is the perfect dish to try as it’s spicy, tender, and mouthwatering. Remember, proper ingredients, and the use of real spices brings the sensation factor in it. Otherwise, it gets dried and rubbery. It is perfect for a cheese lover to serve cheese on the top of chicken fillets as they taste amazing. It is a quick recipe and an excellent option for a tea party.

Don’t forget to promptly marinate the chicken because it’s a key thing to contemplate if you want to enjoy the delectable chicken. However, you can find so many Grilled Chicken Recipes as there are different ways to cook it.


It is an Indian-inspired dish but has massive recognition all over Asia. This spicy and delicious chicken curry tastes amazing with Chapati, Nan, or paratha. It’s the aroma, and exclusive flavor makes it everyone’s favorite.

The celebration of festivity and grand feasts are incomplete without it. If you love spices and want to try something piquant and peppery, try Chicken Tikka Masala and fall in love with its exclusive flavor.


Native Africans truly admire this dish, but no matter if you are not from Africa, you can still try it. You need 15 to 20 minutes to prepare this delicious dish like a pro. Creamy Peanut butter is a must ingredient for it, but if you don’t have creamy peanut butter at home, you can substitute it with chunky peanut butter. Keep in mind; the chosen butter shouldn’t contain oil and sugar in it. Try West African Peanut Chicken Stew and add it in the list of your favorite dish.


Wow! This chicken dish truly got the tempting name. You must have tried cooking chicken using the traditional methods, so why don’t you try something unique this time?

You must Lemongrass Chicken Wings as they are just perfect for the party celebrations. Let us share this pro tip with you that if you want to experience every ingredient’s taste, then marinate it for a relatively long time. It gives more flavor to the chicken. Without a doubt, Lemongrass Chicken Wings are ultra-satisfying starters. Generally, served as appetizers, but you can include them as a main course. It all depends on your choice.


The Hispanic people have loved tamales, but now this dish is an excellent part of the light, spongy, soft, and fluffy. They are packed with chicken and give a whole new, unique, and marvelous taste. Interestingly, the preparation of Chicken Tamales requires simple ingredients, and they are easy to make. Captivatingly, there are different varieties and types of Chicken Tamales. Try them once if you have not tried yet.


Mole Rojo is one of the best and yummiest dishes in Mexico. Mexicans genuinely love this dish as it contains a fine mixture of vegetables, chicken, and spices. Everything gets prepared in the creamy and thick sauce. The sufficient proportion of onion and garlic keeps the chicken tender, and it cooks well this way.

You don’t need to visit Mexico if you want to try this dish. Just follow the simple ingredients and try it yourself. It will give you some real chef-vibes, but it is worth trying.


Another superb and delicious dish you must try anytime soon. The dish requires turmeric, cinnamon, fennel seeds, gingers, and dried red chilies to thigh fillets. This yummy dish adapts from the classic curry, but you can prepare it in less time.

So, if you want something spicy and can’t wait for hours to get something delicious, then try Chettinad Chicken Fry at home. It is easier to make with simple ingredients available at home. Or, you can surprise your family with this super quick and tasty dish. We genuinely want you to try it once because it tastes terrific.


Who told you that you couldn’t enjoy chicken when you are on a diet? As we mentioned earlier, chicken is the best protein source, and protein keeps your body healthy. So, this salad is nutritious and a vibrant choice for a diet-conscious person. Easy to make and doesn’t require enough ingredients. So, try this salad and enjoy a healthy life. There are different benefits of salad, and adding chicken in it works like the cherry on the top.


Chicken Fajita is a quick and straightforward recipe for entertaining your guests. It would be best if you had chicken, lime, onion, bell peppers for this dish. It is perfect for treating your kids. So, you should try it.


So, which of the dishes mentioned above you loved the most? Undoubtedly, they all are tasty and easy to make. Without wasting more time, pick the most favorite dish and cook it yourself. But all of them are lip-smacking, so it’s better to try all of them.

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    My mouth started watering while reading your post, I haven’t tried them all yet but will be soon, Lol, You should add Butter chicken and Tandoori chicken as it’s now an international dish. Though, the chicken will be chicken no matter what spice you’re gonna add. 🙂

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