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Experience Smart Fitness with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

With time, as technology has slowly taken a new form and developed over the years, it has also seeped more in-depth into the various things and concepts around us. From the widespread central online educational platforms like Coursera or edX to the localized breakout escape rooms or the military system of each country, you can see the implementation of modern technology in every possible field today.

And to further make the services of various industries easily accessible to every one of us, different types of immersive technologies have also started to emerge, especially since the last decade. The idea behind their concept is to modernize and revolutionize our world and make life easier and more comfortable for our present and the coming future. As a result, techs like Augmented and Virtual reality have gained worldwide popularity and are making dramatic progress in their effects. And it has brought the dramatic advancement of AR and VR implemented tools which are constantly getting innovations by different sectors to make the best use of them. 

Due to the industries coming up with creative ways to enhance customer services, different service sectors are also gradually introducing AR and VR techniques and tools to enforce scenarios from the real world and making them available at the palm of our hands. Some of the many regions it has succeeded in are online shopping, virtual gaming, and cinematic experiences. But the one area where it is causing one of the most beneficial impacts is the health care and fitness domain. AR and VR have created life-changing experiences in the fitness sector and helped people work for their betterment. 


The AR and VR implemented tools in various apps, devices, and accessories have inspired many people to pick inspiration from the realistic model of their present situation and use it as a source to push themselves forward. And the clever features have furthermore made it easier and more uplifting to learn and understand the basics of fitness. It has also helped several people access various practical advice from professionals regarding their health in easy steps. And the proficiency through which AR and VR can transform our surroundings and give them a more tangible effect has also attracted the audience to invest in these technologies and utilize them for their soundness and personal care. 

Now, we understand how augmented reality and virtual reality have transformed our world and modified our living and thinking. So, let us look at the immense potential trendy healthcare and fitness have in this domain and how you can also experience it using AR and VR.  

AR and VR in Fitness Industry and Facilities. 

The main reasons why AR and VR are in demand in the fitness and healthcare industry are due to their easy accessibility and immersive features. More people, even those who are not very interested in fitness, are showing interest in workouts, yoga, exercises, and wellness because of these technologies’ fun-filled and imaginative ways of implementing health in our dull and busy lifestyles. Now more people are choosing to stay at home and practice independent exercises by taking the help of virtual instruction classes and augmented reality apps. 

Many trainers and instructors are conducting online sessions through which they are teaching various workouts and fitness routines that people can follow at home without them needing any extra equipment. And it has also been found that by relying on AR and VR technologies and tools, we find it easier to grasp the notion of the exercises and show more enthusiastic participation as it distracts us from our awkwardness, physical pain, and body insecurities. 

Here’s how AR and VR are helping the fitness industry: 

o There is more flexibility – 

The combination of AR and VR helps create an immersive gym environment with a virtual instructor that allows us to work at our understanding and pace. We can exercise anywhere and anytime without adhering to a gym’s fixed time and compromising the quality of our workout and at-home exercises.  

o Space for entertainment

AR and VR technology adds fun to the workouts and exercises by including cool games, rewarding elements, motivational videos, and sound effects. These characteristics make it easier for us to focus on reaching our target fitness goal by making the whole process entertaining and not appear as a duty to perform a monotonous job.  

o Availability of real-time data

Due to the availability of devices and gadgets implemented with AR and VR, we can identify our workouts and connect with the intense exercises better without putting strain on our bodies. We can note our blood pressure, palpitation rate, and heartbeats and record the calories burnt and how many steps we take every day.  

o A platform for competing and sharing experiences

The various features of AR and VR devices allow us to record our performance data and share it with others on different online platforms. And many gizmos also let multiple users connect and compete together while working out. As a result, it creates an inspirational and positive environment for us to work out. And these healthy competitions also help us stick to our work regiment by inspiring us to do better every time.  

Final Thoughts

AR fitness

Various devices and gadgets like AR implemented smartglasses, smart-helmets, headsets, VR digital screens, VR-enabled smartphone apps, etc., are now trending in the commercial market. They make it easier for us to enjoy the personalized and immersive experience of AR and VR in our daily life and see our world from a new and more inspiring perspective. They reduce the side effects of working out, like sweaty hands, nausea, anxiety, and so on, and make exercising a fun activity for us. 

Many companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., are therefore coming up with many ideas to implement the same and introduce new AR and VR-enabled gadgets to make living easier and enjoyable for everyone. And since this field is still nascent and developing, we can expect to see more mind-blowing innovations in the future that will change our world and its reality. 

Author Bio:  Aniya more is one of the brightest content writer at She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favorite tv show or walking her dog peanut. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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