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Different Types of Exercise Ball for Workouts

Exercising daily is equally as important as eating and sleeping in your life. It helps your body to maintain good shape and keep it healthy. Exercise has numerous advantages in your life and adding an exercising ball to your workout is like icing on the cake. It is a great tool that assists you in accomplishing your fitness goals. It helps your body maintain balance, flexibility, strengthening core muscles, improve blood circulations and many other things. The best thing about working out on an exercise ball is that you don’t need to do intense exercises to be fit. However, using it correctly is very important, or you might never get any results, and you can even injure yourself. To perform best with your exercise ball, you will need to select the best sports bras.


What is an exercise ball?

An exercise ball is a ball constructed with soft elastic rubber, which is filled with air. The air of the ball can be inflated or deflated through a valve. The diameter of the ball ranges from 35 to 85 cm approx. The ball is often used as athletic training, yoga, and exercise. There is also a small size exercise ball that cures nerve problems and boosts the blood circulation of our body.

Types of Exercise balls

Large exercise ball or the Swiss ball

The large exercise balls are soft and substantial size balls made from elastic and have air inside it. It has many names like Swiss ball, balance ball, stability ball, gym ball, etc. The large size ball was first developed by Aquilino Cosani, in the year 1963. Aquilino Cosani was a prominent Italian plastic manufacturer, and the ball was made for treating newborn infants. Later because of the various advantages of the Swiss ball, the American therapist started using these exercise balls in the athletic arena, and then it became common in gyms and chiropractic offices.


??Swiss balls improve your flexibility and help you to flex your muscles when you use it for pre-workout warm-up.

?? It helps to keep your joints smooth and functional and prevent it from injury.

?? Abs exercise with balls gives you the best results as it helps to work your core muscles.

?? Swiss balls help cure any kind of imbalances in your core muscles as it allows you to support your weight and stabilize yourself. 

?? It is very versatile. You can incorporate these balls into several different exercises and even for warm-ups and post-workout stretch.

One of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment you can own. These exercise balls are great for yoga, pilates, cardio drumming or even work great to replace your office desk chair. Or teachers using yoga balls in the classroom and have the kids sit on yoga balls, having made their students better able to focus on lessons while improving their balance and core strength.

Small exercise balls

Small exercise balls, also known as Pilates ball, are the smaller version of Swiss balls. These small exercise balls can fold up and fit in your gym bag or pocket. It is one of the best fitness accessories. These small balls inflate and deflate easily, depending on your desired need. Its functions are quite similar to the Swiss ball, as it acts as an unstable surface that promotes great core stabilization. It is mostly used to do lower body exercise and treating lower back pain. You can do numerous kinds of other activity using small exercise balls, such as high bridge, roll up, crescent moon, leg circle, helicopter, etc.


?? It is excellent for activating your pelvic floor.

?? It helps in increasing lumbar strength and movability.

?? Develop overall strength, control, and stability for your core body muscles.

?? It is beneficial for treating back problems as it supports the lower back when you exercise or stretch.

?? It corrects your body posture because, in recent studies, the experts have found that maintaining a slight curve in your spine is healthier. 

The Pilates Mini Exercise ball is intended for core strength, balance, back rehabilitation and for toning and sculpting with Pilates, Yoga or Barre fitness exercises.

Therapy ball

Therapy balls, also known as yoga balls, are specially designed high grip rubber massage balls. Its targeted self-massage trigger points penetrate through layers of skin and muscles to massage your high-tension areas. It is very useful for reducing pain and develops balancing skills. They also help in controlling movements and various other activities like jumping, rolling, standing and sitting. It is available in different sizes for different kinds of exercises. However, therapy balls play a significant role in yoga. Yoga itself helps to stretch, relax and strengthen your muscles and provides our body with numerous other benefits. Using a therapy ball while doing yoga will give the maximum result. Yoga tune-up is one of the best massage balls you can use for performing your yoga therapy.


  • It helps in spinal alignment.
  • Sitting on a therapy or yoga ball improves body control and balance.
  • Therapy balls can reduce any kind of body pain if used properly.
  • It improves the stability of the joints.
  • Strengthen core muscles.

 Set of excellent therapy balls for self-myofascial release and trigger point massage therapy. The balls are made specifically for massage therapy and are ideal for physical therapy equipment. They are similar in size to lacrosse balls and can be used for pinched nerve lower back pain, herniated disc pain relief, and pinched nerve neck pain.

Hand exercise ball

Source: Amazon

Like any other exercise, hand exercise is also vital for our body. It increases the strength of your hand and fingers and protects your hand from any kind of joint pain. However, hand exercise balls are the best types of equipment you can use to do various hand exercises. They are simple exercise balls, yet there are lots of things you can do with them to strengthen your hand. The exercise you can perform with hand exercise balls is finger extension, power grip, pinch, table roll, finger squeeze, etc.

Source: Amazon


  • The primary benefit of a hand exercise ball is that it strengthens your hand grip and reduces any stiffness or joint pain of your hand.
  • It stimulates the blood circulation of your hand and protects it from any kind of nerve damage or failure.
  • The hand exercise ball helps to relieve stress and tension people have due to various reasons. It also helps in curing anxiety disorder.
  • For stroke patients, hand exercise balls are the perfect equipment to increase grip strength.

Hand Therapy Balls: Grip exercise, training finger hand and wrist muscles.5 balls in different colors are different Resistance levels. Multi-step exercise from soft to harder. Improving grip strength, hand endurance, dexterity, muscular tone, and fine and gross motor skills.


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Whether in the gym, at home or the office, the benefits of working out with exercise balls are endless. It is the most fun and effective way to enhance your body stability, reduce pain and improve your core strength. It is a great tool to activate and work on different sections of your body muscles and strengthen them. So, do incorporate exercise ball in your workout to see the difference by yourself.

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