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Essential Gear You Need to Start Running

Running is a primary sport that often requires tiny specialized and advanced kits. It is possible to start running in very non-running specific gears, such as beach shorts, football jerseys, and even any shoes.

However, these wears are not designed for running purposes. Take, for instance, the football shirts that will often flap around unavoidably and make you uncomfortable while running, especially if you intend to run long distances.

You need to be comfortable while doing what you love, which in this case is running. Explore your maximum potential and do not limit yourself due to your lack of the appropriate gears.

This article will discuss some essential gears you need to start running, their importance, and what you should lookout for a while getting these gears. Here is a list of some crucial equipment you need to make your sporting reality come true as a runner.

5 Essential Items for running

1. Running Shoes

This seems to be the most fundamental gear you would need to as a runner. You want to make sure you get an excellent quality product that fits your style and purpose even if it means spending more money than you had budgeted.

If you look forward to getting the best running shoe for yourself, we recommend going to a local running store around you. These local running stores are often graced with an expert who will inspect your foot, gait, and biomechanics before suggesting the best shoe for you.

Running with the sneakers that best suit your style will give you comfort, fun, and even prevent injuries while you are practicing running.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Running Shoe

Selecting a running shoe of your choice can be a very confusing task as there are vast brands and models of running shoes to pick from.

Running shoes are categorized based on their stability, motion control, and minimalist. Furthermore, shoes in these categories come with different cushioning. Some running shoes are designed for running on roads while some others are designed for trails.

Types of Running Shoes

Neutral Running Shoes

These types of running shoes are the universal standard running shoe design for runners. This type of running shoes is what you want to get if you do not need any additional support and control.

Stability Running Shoes

Stability running shoes are more rigid than neural running shoes. These types of shoes are a perfect fit for you if you possess low or flat arches.

Minimal Running Shoes

This type of running shoe is ideally suited for adventurous runners. These shoes come with minimal cushioning and support. The minimum running shoes are designed to keep you safe while mimicking running barefoot.

Guidance Running Shoes

These types of shoes share similar properties with the stability of running shoes. They also provide you with adequate support but not as much as the stability running shoes.

Motion Control Running Shoes

These running shoes are heavy and restrict every form of inward and outward movements while running. These shoes provide you with a lot of support and stability, as well as control.


Engaging in running can sometimes result in a lot of stress for the entire body. Cushioning in running shoes help to reduce the stress that may be induced on your feet and body. It is expedient to note that with much cushioning comes increased weight and decreased flexibility.

Standard Running Shoes

A standard running shoe is designed to provide a lot of cushion without neglecting road-feel and responsiveness. These kinds of shoes give you adequate cushioning and protection at the same time.

Lighter Running Shoes

On the other hand, lighter running shoes will provide less cushioning and protection but with more responsiveness. You will have to caution yourself while running to avoid injuries.

Road Shoes Against Trail Shoes

Just as the names imply, road shoes are designed for running on pavements or treadmills while trail shoes are specialized for gravels and trails. Trail shoes give you durability and traction on very rugged terrains such as rocks and muds, while road running shoes give you cushioning and support necessary to protect your feet from road surfaces.

2. Running Shirts or Tanks

Most normal day-to-day shirts are not well suited for running while running, you do not want to have your sweater impede your runs. It is advisable to get shirts and tanks that are light and breathable.

You should also get shirts that will allow the quick evaporation of sweats off your body, moreover, running exercise can cause you to sweat a lot.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Running Shirt/Tank

3. Running Shorts, Tights or Pants

You want to make sure that your shorts are light and made from breathable fabrics while running.

Running shorts are specifically designed for runners in a warmer environment. It will keep you comfortable while running, also, running shorts come with pockets designed to fit your phones and other vital stuff during your runs.

Tights and pants, on the other hand, are very excellent alternatives to running shorts. Tights and Pants will prevent you from cold during your runs and provide you with necessary compression.

Factors to Consider When Buying Running Shorts, Tights or Pants

  • The fabrics ability to wick sweat
  • Length and thickness

4. Sports Bra

This is an essential gear for female runners. Every runner wants to get comfortable while running.

The sports bras are usually designed to alleviate any difficulties you might have while running as a female runner. It ensures that your breasts are well packed and fit for running.

You don’t want to have your breasts flapping around your chest while running. We recommend that you change your sports bra after a year because it tends to lose its elasticity, thus, losing its whole sense of functionality.

Factors to Consider When Getting a Sport Bra

  • Perfect fit
  • Support
  • Compression

5. Water Bottle

It is essential to stay productive during your workout sessions, and one of the ways to keep productive right until the very end is to stay hydrated.

Running is a very tiring exercise; hence, how do I stay hydrated during my runs? One way to stay hydrated is to carry your water bottle along with you during your runs. There are several models of water bottles specially designed for runners.

Factors to Consider When Getting a Water Bottle

  • Weight
  • Portability
  • Mobility
  • Material (some are made of glass while some are plastics)

Other Running Gears include:

  • Hats
  • Running hoods
  • Gloves and Mittens
  • Running socks
  • Running watch or GPS watches
  • Phone and apps
  • Running belt

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