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5 Inspiring Ideas to Enhance the Storage Space Creatively

Everything’s becoming smart! From our cell phones to vehicles in which we travel, everything is shrinking from meters to inches. And that too with added functionalities. 

Same is the case for furniture and home fixtures. The huge iron vaults in which our grandmas used to stuff bed linen and duvets are replaced by small cabinets. Small and creative book racks have taken over the wall length wooden bookshelves. Similarly, extendable tables and beanie sofas are trending in home interiors. It’s because modern life is all about multi-everything. We are all-rounders ourselves and want our equipment to be multi-functional as well. 

Considering this trend, we are here with some multi-purpose decor and tabletop ideas that will not only serve as a feast for the eyes but also hold your valuables effectively. Let’s explore some super-functional ideas.

Functional Ideas for Home Storage Space

1. Storage Ottomans – A Veiled Storage Compartment in the Living Room

Living room is the heart of the home and the central furniture element (a coffee table or the central table) is the focal point in that room. Anyone who enters notices the central table for sure. It’s like the highlight of the home. And one could never imagine placing the extra pillows or any other such thing in it even if the table is multiple-tiered (it would destroy the living room interior altogether). 

A storage ottoman is a great pick here! 

Its multi-purpose, aesthetic, and a gentle way to enhance the space. You can store the extra sheets and covers in here. Or just tuck the living room clutter like magazines, remote controls, and games in it. It’s also a great spot for you to rest your feet and binge-watch your favorite season. 

2. Floating Shelves – Flaunt Your Books Collection Space Effectively

Even with e-books and online reading facilities, people’s love for books hasn’t hit the rock bottom. Books are still a mandatory part of our homes.  But the giant wooden bookshelves are now a no-go. As they cover quite a lot of space (even when placed along the wall) and make the space look crowded. However, if you are an avid reader, you would surely want to boast your books collection. 

Smart wall shelves are a great idea to boost your space and flaunt some books aesthetically. 

Wooden or glass shelves are a modern way of enhancing the interior while using minimum space. It’s cost-effective too! 

Three or four wall shelves would be enough to hold a good collection of books. However, you can go for more. Place your books creatively. Mix and match the book covers. Place a bright-colored book besides a set of gentle covers. Also, get some artistic book holders and top up the arrangement with some succulents or art pieces.

3. A Whole World under the Stairs

Space under the stairs is one of the most overlooked areas in our homes.

We all have that, but very few use it to its full potential. It’s a complete closet space and we usually see some junk storage closets under the stairs. However, you can boost the space aesthetically with just a little more contemplation. 

Go for some pull-out shelves or racks, set your books there, place a small beanie bag and turn the space into a mini-library. Or you can turn it into a separate study spot for your little one. And if you are going to stick with the closet idea, use it for storing your shoes or hanging your coats so that you can just pick up and go! 

4. A Sofa Table Can Work Wonders!

The sofa set and other furniture take up most of the space in the living room leaving no space for storing the conventional living room stuff (remotes, magazines, books, etc). 

So for the living room, you have to think about space efficiently! 

Utilize the space creatively. The best way to subtly enhance the living room storage is to add a sofa table. It doesn’t cover a huge space and fits well in the narrow space behind the sofa. You can keep the clutter off the main view by placing the things in the drawers. Pair the table with a mirror and effortlessly elevate the interior of the living room. 

5. Double Duty Furniture – To Double Up the Storage Space

Perk up your storage with some creative choices.

Starting with the entrance, pick an entryway table to hold all your going-out essentials. You can also conceal the things in this table that you refuse to let go of. Moreover, a properly curated console table with a delicate glass tabletop also gives a “welcome home” feeling. Instead of solid wooden tables, go for some catchy side tables that can hold your belongings. There are a number of tabletop ideas available in the market that work well for smart tables.

Layer your storage facility with storage. Place jars and small baskets over and magazines inside the side tables. Add more and more exquisite baskets to your interior. It’s a great way to hide away your clothes, books, junk, and trinkets, and some baskets are also designed to be used for sitting, jumble them up to accommodate your guests at dinners and parties.

Go Smart!

Living in smaller spaces doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the interior design. It just needs some simple contemplation and creativity to enhance the interior.

Take inspiration from others, search for some tabletop ideas with different glass shapes such as rectangular table top, find smart furniture and integrate it into your interior. Make sure to optimize the furniture, go for pieces that can be used for multiple purposes, replace the heavy-duty equipment with light, multi-functional elements and go easy on your space!

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