How Electric Massagers Help Relief Your Stress at Home

It is important to feel relax and comfortable to live a happy and balanced life. It helps to maintain both your mental and physical health while improving your productivity and concentration. 

Massage is one of the simplest ways to relieve your stress from daily life. Without going to spa or massaging clinics, you can do it easily at home with just an electric massager. From neck massagers to electronic foot massager, these tools can make your body and emotion stay in a more relaxed and productive state.

Why Reduce Stress?

massage for stress relief
Massage for stress relief

Stress is a common condition for most people. You will feel stressed when there is too much pressure on you from what you are dealing with. It can interfere your quality of life and health if you feel serious stress.

In reaction to stress, the body produces stress hormones like corticosteroids and put up the heart rate and blood pressure. Slight stress can have some benefits such as increasing motivation and energy, but excessive stress will lead to health problems such as headache, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

There are many benefits if you can reduce your stress such as:

  • Physical health benefits: Stress relief can help save energy and nutrients that drained from stress. It can be used to protect the body instead;
  • Mental health benefits: Reducing stress can reduce irritability, anxiety and depression; and further keep yourself in a good mood;
  • Improvement in productivity: It can improve your concentration and focus, then further increase your productivity at work;
  • Relationship benefits: Improved interpersonal relationships with co-workers or family members.

What is a Electric Massager?

Electric massagers are a kind of specific tool for massage and physical therapy. They provide relief on muscle pain and tension by stimulating the muscles and improving blood flow. They are usually very convenient to use and offer high quality massage just like professional therapist can do.

There are many types of electric massagers available for specific part of the body, such as head scalp massagers, neck massagers and foot massagers. These are also other types such as hand-held massagers, dual handed massagers, full body massager chair or heat therapy massagers.

Electric massagers let your muscles to contract and release in a way that will help relax your muscles from the tension state.

The Benefits of Using a Massager for Stress Relief

Using a electric massager would have both physical and mental benefits.

Relieve Pain

For example, a good neck and shoulder massager can help to reduce your shoulder pain and foot massager can relieve your tense leg muscles.

Pain can be decreased when stress is reduced. Both physical and mental stress can increase pain. Physical stress can restrict movement and create a build-up of tension. Mental stress occurs when there is already pain in the body. A stress hormone called cortisol is released in response to pain, further increasing pain.

The more pain increases, the more stress increases which will in turn keep increasing the pain levels a massage aims to increase both muscle relaxation and mental relaxation.

Muscles are encouraged to relax as an increase in temperature improves the muscle flexibility and range of movement. A massage will also try to flush the cortisol out of the body in order to reduce stress levels and decrease pain.

Encourage Happy Mood

Reduced stress can help post injury. After an injury, conditions such as swelling, muscle fatigue and muscle weakness can arise. Stress can increase due to the inability to return to exercise and sport or due to the pain. A massage helps to encourage relaxation psychologically.

Relaxation increases psychologically as the level of positive hormones increase. Positive hormones include endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. Increasing positive hormones can give person a sense of well-being as well as a positive frame of mind and “happy mood”.

Giving a sense of well-being and putting them in a positive frame of mind helps to reduce stress. Reducing stress increases healing time allowing a person to return to sport more quickly. Allowing a person to return to sport more quickly will reduce stress further.

Muscle Recovery

If you have a habit of tensing your muscles when you are stressed, using a massager will help loosen up the tight muscles that result from your tension. It can also make your muscles feel better by hastening muscle recovery. Getting a massage immediately after a workout can speed up muscle recovery by boosting circulation to the muscles that have been impacted, which can help reduce soreness the next day and get you back into the gym faster.

Using a neck and shoulder massager can also reduce symptoms of anxiety and calm you down if you are under stress. The relaxing effects of a massage can reduce anxiety by inviting you to release the tension in your muscles and take a mental break from everyday life. Consequently, massage has also been proven to help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is a health condition that people suffer from worldwide, and thousands die from every day. One reason that massage helps reduce blood pressure is because it helps your muscles relax and your blood flow freely through your body, which helps ensure that your arteries are wide enough for your blood to pass through.

Improve Sleep

Finally, because massage can help combat symptoms of stress and anxiety, it can also promote better sleep quality. With the help of a neck and shoulder massager, a massage can improve sleep quality and prevent insomnia. Using a massager at night before going to sleep can help you relax from the day and signal to your body that it is time to rest.

If these benefits sound good to you, what should you keep in mind when shopping for the best massager handheld options? Let’s take a look at some important factors.

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