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Easy to do home decor: 4 things you can DIY

Decorating your home is definitely not an easy task. You need to find so much stuff just to get everything right, it’s ridiculous. You might want to spend a lot of money on getting your decor or you might want to budget properly in order to save money. What if we told you that there is a very unique way to get some decor for your house that will completely match your style? That’s right, you can always decorate your house with some DIY items that will not cost you a fortune and will look quite pretty too. Here are some of the best ideas to add some character to your house. 

A decorative pinboard

We all need a pop of color at different places in the house. This can be a great project for you to do along with your kids. Bring out some paint, hot glue, and a wooden frame. Ask your kids to collect some of their best artwork so that you can display it on this pinboard. You need to take care of the hot glue and frame part yourself so that there are no mishaps. Hot-glue some small clips to a frame, and pin the frame to a spot where you can keep updating the contents inside it. This will be a really unique piece of decor.

A quilted throw blanket

How many times have you wished that your house had a cozy spot where you could just read a book and be warm? Imagine sipping hot cocoa on a comfortable sofa with the perfect blanket around you. Sure, you can buy it, but what fun would that be? You can take an improvisational quilting courses with your family in order to make this a fun family activity. Who knows, you might just love quilting so much that you make more things to decorate your house. It is a great hobby to have.

Painted table

wood table

So you might have some old furniture that you have kept in the attic and almost forgotten about it. It is better to put it to some good use instead of letting it rot and collect dust. If you have a plain console table, why not paint it a bright neon color to add some life and color to your living room? This can definitely be a conversation starter for when people come over to your house. A bold color will always turn heads around.

A coffee nook

If you are a coffee cook like us, there would be nothing better than to make a coffee corner in your house. This would add some sophistication and elegance to your routine in the morning. You can even make some built-in shelves that will store your coffee, mugs, creamer, and even stirrers. You can top this off with some crazy and whimsical wallpaper. You can even put a small curtain below so that you do not have to look at all the wires and cords.

It is important to add some personal style and touches to your place. You can get inspired by these ideas and truly make your home your own. 

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