What are the different types of lip enhancements?

Lip enhancement is a cosmetic procedure generally performed to increase the size of lips or to correct the shape of your lips. It is be performed by a qualified, experienced, and skilled physician. The procedures followed by doctors or aestheticians range from simple injections of hyaluronic acid fillers to more complex surgical techniques. 

The treatment choosen typically depends on the customer’s personal requirements. Yet, the most popular types of lip enhancements are explained below. 

Types Of Procedures: 

It’s important to understand that lip augmentation alone won’t make your lips look fuller; it will simply fill in areas where there are naturally uneven spaces between the upper and lower lip. Lip enhancement procedures include:

  • Lip augmentation with injectable fillers (e.g., Restylane, Juvederm). 
  • Lip enhancement with permanent implants (e.g., silicone). 
  • Lip enhancement with fat grafting (lip implants). 

Let’s learn about the same in detail! 

1. Lip Injections

Lip injections are a common type of cosmetic procedure, especially for women who want fuller lips without having to undergo surgery. These injections can be done in a doctor’s office or medical spa and use sterile, medical-grade silicone to create fuller lips. The results will last from six months to one year, depending on the type of material used and how it’s injected into the lips.

2. Lip Implants

These are artificial pieces inserted into the lips to give them a fuller and more defined shape. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia, with or without intravenous sedation. Lip implants are made from silicone and look very natural. They can last up to 10 years, although they may need to be replaced at that time if you want a new look or if your circumstances change and affect your appearances, such as pregnancy or weight loss.

3. Injectable fillers

There are several types of lip fillers at Elanic Cosmetic that can be used to enhance your lip shapes. Some of the common fillers include hyaluronic acid (HA), collagen, and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). HA is most popularly used as an injectable filler for lip augmentation because it has a natural look and feel, although it does wear off over time. Collagen works similarly to HA but lasts longer. PMMA is a permanent filler that may last up to two years before needing replacement treatment.

4. Hyaluronidase injection

Hyaluronidase injection is another type of lip filler that works differently than Juvederm because it actually dissolves the hyaluronic acid filler instead of just adding more hyaluronic acid into your lips. Hyaluronidase works by breaking down the hyaluronic acid filler so that it doesn’t remain permanently in your lips and interfere with future treatments or even cause problems down the road.

Final Words

Lip augmentation has many cosmetic uses. You can enhance the overall shape and volume of your lips, creating either fuller or smaller lips as desired. The lip is one of the areas most frequently selected for enhancement because of its relative inexpensiveness when compared to surgery on other areas of the body, such as the face and breasts.

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