Diet and Dietitians: Crash Dieting or Professional Help?

The world of social media has brought about the rise of ineffective diets. Plant-based, no carbs, intermittent fasting, deep cleansing program, and the list goes on. These diet plans are packaged and sold to please the aesthetics and to get an easy way to a healthy lifestyle. 

However, anyone who has tried and tested several of these diet trends would know how ineffective they are. The cutting down of any major part of your diet, whether fats, carbs, or sugar, is always wrong. This is when the guidance of a dietician becomes invaluable. Read on to learn more about it! 

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Need of a Dietitian 

A professionally trained dietician has a better understanding of nutrients and balanced diets. Hence, if you want to follow a diet that is both helpful and realistic, then it is always a wiser decision to consult a dietician. With a dietitian managing your diet, you can keep track of your medical conditions, along with meal options tailored to your preference. 

Staying healthy does not require you to punish your body. It requires you to take care of it and treat it with proper attention and nourishment. A dietician, thus, can help you attain your ideal fitness goals by tweaking your food habits accordingly.

Role of a Dietitian 

You might wonder about how dietitians can help you follow a better eating habit when you can find countless resources on the internet. The need for a dietician arises from wanting to lead a balanced and healthy life

You must have heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” And, it is true! The food you consume builds your body, and it is important to treat your body well, giving it all the nutrients it craves. Dietitians help you draw the line between depriving nourishment to your body and keeping yourself healthy and energetic by maintaining a well-balanced diet.


Proper Diets and Better Lifestyle 

The side effects of crash dieting and more such cheat diets result in a drastic loss of bone density and muscle loss in the person. Oftentimes it backfires and causes more obesity and even lower blood sugar level depending on how extreme the diet is. 

This is where the role of the dietitians is crucial. They are well-equipped with the knowledge of what different bodies require and what kind of diet is more suitable for your lifestyle. Strange as it may seem, the ideal diets on the internet and professionally curated diets are sometimes poles apart. 


Any long-term goal cannot be attained with shortcuts; this especially refers to body and fitness goals. Crash dieting results in a higher level of junk craving, which invariably makes you more ill than any good. Instead, seek the help of a professional who is actually informed about the ways of the nutrients and benefits of food components. Proper dieting and food habits will change your mood and keep your energy levels at an all-time high. So, take care of your body, take care of your mind, and achieve the fitness goals you desire.

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