Can I Get Dental Bonding Instead Of Braces?

Braces are one of the best options available to improve your smile. They offer great results and can help treat several orthodontic and aesthetic problems related to your teeth.

But metal braces can look quite unappealing. And even the clear braces come with some level of discomfort. 

Braces(both traditional and clear) also, take several months to show results. Thankfully, due to inventions, there are so many different options available for a smile makeover which could be a good alternative to braces.  

With all the new cosmetic dentistry options available today, dental bonding is the quickest procedure and hence the one you are probably eyeing. But is it a suitable alternative for your needs?

A-Lifestyle Health consulted some cosmetic dentists in San Antonio, Texas who offer these services at Stone Oaks Aesthetics Clinic to find out if you can get dental bonding.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that is used to hide teeth gaps, discolorations, and misshapen teeth. The procedure involves applying a composite resin to the front of your teeth. This is the same material that your dentist uses for filling your cavities. 

The dentist starts by roughening up the teeth surface. The resin putty is then applied using a special glue that helps it stick to the surface. Once the dentist molds it into desired shape and size, it is allowed to cure under a special blue UV light to help harden.

The dentist will then do some polishing and the procedure is completed.

Advantages of Dental Bonding.

Dental bonding is a non-invasive procedure making it very convenient for people who have a low tolerance for pain. The entire procedure is completed within one sitting so the results are immediate.

The resin used by the dentists is similar to your natural tooth color. So it blends in seamlessly and makes the procedure discreet. A lot of perfect smiles that you see on celebrities and people around you are a result of dental bonding.

The procedure is quick, affordable and the results can last a good 5-10 years. 

Can You Replace Braces With Dental Bonding?

While almost everyone is a good candidate for dental bonding, there are some restrictions. If you have severe misalignment or orthodontic issues, braces will probably be a better solution for you. They can correct the orthodontic alignment of your teeth to give you straighter teeth.

But if you have teeth that are sized unevenly, misshapen, or have gaps between them, you can get dental bonding instead of braces.  Dental bonding can also hide minor misalignments. Within a single appointment, you can close gaps and even fix broken or chipped teeth to get a straight, bright, and natural smile.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then cosmetic dental bonding is definitely a great alternative to other procedures like braces, dental crowns, and even veneers. A dentist can assess your needs and help you decide if the procedure is suitable for you.

If you want to get dental bonding in San Antonioyou can visit Stone Oaks Aesthetics. The team of experienced doctors provides excellent care and will help you get the smile of your dreams. So book your appointment right away!

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