DBT Therapy – When Should Parents Consider It For Their Child

Children are the most beautiful part of every parent’s life. They make you feel loved, important and, at some point in time, even irritates you a lot. But every activity of your children is precious and memorable. Every parent occasionally experiences tantrums from their children at home, meltdowns at the mall, and refuses to take a single step forward when you reject their request. Well, all this is part and parcel of life, but some parents have to deal with such situations daily.

But parents need to understand that if a child’s tantrums reach the point when it turns into aggression. If you find a drastic change in the behavior of your child, like cutting, biting, and self-harm, then it is a bigger problem. Don’t worry, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a way to educate children on how to handle their extreme emotions and deal with them. You will be amazed to know that in New York, approximately 12.5% of children have received counseling for mental health and behavioral problems. It’s definitely a huge number, so it’s better to know when it is time to consider DBT therapy for your child.

Things You Need to Know About DBT Therapy


High Emotional Sensitivity

It has been seen that emotionally sensitive kids are more likely to react intensely and immediately when triggered emotionally. And because of intense emotional arousal, they will undergo lasting reactions that will be hard for them to process. Thus the requirement of DBT therapists will emerge in such situations.

Impulsive Behaviour Equivalent to Strong Emotional Sensitivity

The kids with emotional sensitivity may show different behaviors in reaction. They can be physical aggression or verbal, or even self-injuries. Some of the behaviors are:

  • They act carelessly.
  • Do not like change.
  • Their observation shifts attention.
  • They are overactive.
  • They are easily bored.
  • They have a higher sensory sensitivity.
  • Black and white thinking.
  • To delay gratification, they tend to have a low tolerance.
  • Sometimes you will find disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD) symptoms.

Kids who face routine outbursts and tempers and are always in an irritable mood have usually been diagnosed with DMDD. They need to be treated through therapies; as per experts DBT therapists NYC you will get therapists who are devoted to offering the most excellent quality, knowledge-based, and innovative cognitive-behavioral treatments. Make sure you start the efficient treatment for this condition ASAP.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

You will see many children who are very energetic but are neglectful. These are even the symptoms of ADHD and impulsive behavior. If the kid is having problems concentrating and doesn’t wish to remain seated in school, then DBT therapy is needed to cope with the symptoms.

Wrapping up

Parents should expect to notice progressive changes in the child’s behavior which are taking DBT therapy. Before the child understands the procedure of treatment, it will definitely take lots of reminders and repetitions. Parents need to understand and support their kids as there will be times of defeat, and they have been with their kids and continue. It’s a process that involves help from therapists and parents as well.

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