9 Crystals that Carry the Power of 90

Crystals have always been there for people fond of spirituality. Throughout history, people have used crystals for many metaphysical purposes. Some believe that such natural stones have special abilities that help them connect with the higher realm. So there is little surprise that the natural stone industry is projected to reach a market of $48.068.4 million by 2026.

So what makes these natural stones so valuable and how can you choose the perfect one for yourself? With such a large variety of crystals available out there, buying the one that sits perfectly with your energies can be tricky. This is where you need a reliable guide. This list presents you 9 most effective crystals that have the power of 90.

9 Effective Crystals for Spirituality

1. Angelite

This crystal is filled with peaceful energies. Its gentle vibrations resonate with your guardian angels. Angelite is a lovely blue stone that advocates harmony and compassion. So you have been going through a rough patch, this crystal can help you with moving on. With its chakra unblocking ability, Angelite combines the power of multiple crystals.

Zodiac: Aquarius 

Chakra: Throat, Third eye, Crown 

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is known to help with meditation. So if meditation is your primary concern, Amethyst is all you need. It brings emotional and physical harmony to your aura. With no conflicting energies, Amethyst crystal gives you inner strength and peace. Moreover, this crystal is also known to help you with moving on. It makes letting go easier for you. As a result, you have less emotional baggage to carry.

Besides being great with meditation, Amethyst is also known for its purity and cleanliness. As it encourages love and compassion. Amethyst also makes an incredible stone in a crystal pendulum. Looking for a perfect gift for your loved one? Go no further as this crystal can be the most valuable gift you can give them.

Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius, and Pisces

Chakra: Third-Eye and Crown

3. Black Obsidian

Do you feel vulnerable to negative energies? Are you sensitive about the evil eye? If emotional security is what you care about, Black Obsidian is all you need. Also known as the stone of protection, the black Obsidian provides strong protection against jealousy and psychic attacks. As a result, you have better mental health and peace of mind. Its powerful metaphysical properties help you connect with your higher conscience. So there is no surprise that the Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful crystals out there.

Zodiac: Sagittarius and Scorpio

Chakra: Root and Sacral

4. Green Aventurine

Also known as Adventurine, this crystal brings you a sense of enlightenment and ascension. Green Aventurine is called The Stone of Opportunity. With its powerful positive energies, it is said to be the luckiest of all crystals. So if you want to establish yourself in the material world, the Green Aventurine is all you need. It also gives you better luck with the games of chances. So next time, you can play with a confident presence.

So if you aim to become more aligned with the powers of nature, this natural crystal can be perfect for you. Its strong connection to Earth helps you deepen your connection to your surroundings. Hence, giving depth to your spirituality.]

Zodiac: Aries

Chakra: Root/Solar, Plexus

5. Hematite

Hematite is a bloodstone. It balances the meridians within your body. So it is great for physical healing, along with providing mental and spiritual well-being. If you want to protect your aura from the negative energies, Hematite is all you need. It purifies your surroundings from jealousy and evil forces. As a result, this crystal is known as a detoxifying stone that helps you clean your past and move on with the positive energies.

Zodiac: Aries and Aquarius

Chakra: Root

6. Lapis Lazuli

Do you struggle with smooth communication when it comes to expressing yourself? In the modern world, communication is essential to thriving. This is where Lapis Lazuli comes into play. With its powerful positive energies fluently flowing through your aura, your ability to communicate improves.This crystal is known to bring you mental strength and stability. 

Other than its benefits with communication, Lapis Lazuli is great in strengthening your spirituality. Also known as the stone of total awareness, it promotes growth and development. So increase your wisdom by getting this natural crystal for yourself.

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, and Taurus

Chakra: Third-Eye

7. Opalite

If there is one crystal that perfectly represents peace, it is Opalite. This crystal is known for its powerful peaceful energies that settle down in your aura. It helps you in forming long-term relationships. You can build stronger bonds and thrive in your social life.

Inner peace is what we all crave. When your relationships are streamlined,you develop serenity in your mind.

So if you are struggling with anxiety and depression, this stone can greatly reduce and stop it. As a result, your mental health is improved. If you want your nerves to soothe, and your stress levels decreased, it is high time that you bring this stone into your life.

Zodiac: Libra/Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio

Chakra: All

8. Rose Quartz

A fan of fairy tales glamourizing love stories? Well, Rose Quartz makes that a reality. It is a love stone with energies that encourage compassion and love. It opens the heart chakra. This crystal is also highly versatile andpromotes love for friends, spouses, and nature. So if you are a strong believer in love, the rose quartz crystal is all you need.

Bringing this natural stone into your life can increase your patience andhelp you tackle frustrating moments. As a result, you have inner warmth and compassion.

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, and Libra

Chakra: Heart 

9. Goldstone

Ambition makes a man. Well, this crystal gives you the necessary ambition and motivation to chase your goals. As a result, you have a higher chance to chase your dreams. Its energies build courage and a positive attitude in your personality.

If you don’t want to be one of those who gave up on their dreams just because they lost motivation, then it is high time that you bring a Goldstone in your life. As it increases the flow of energy and brings the best out of you. As a result, you realize your maximum potential. 

Zodiac: Sagittarius 

Chakra: Root/Sacral

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