6 Interesting Ideas on What to Do With Ashes

Even after death, we want our loved one’s remains to be in a place where they can rest well. Cremation funerals give us a wide range of choices on what to do with the ashes or where we could keep them.

Here are some ideas for what you can do with the ashes after cremation

6 Ways to Do with the Cremated Ashes

Scatter them

This is the most popular option for cremated ashes. Take into consideration where the person would love to be: in the middle of the forest, be one with the ocean, or be in different places around the world.

If this is your choice, keep in mind that some places require a permit for scattering ashes. Extra tip: make sure to bring a bottle of water and dry paper towels to clean up sticky ashes!

Inter the ashes

Want a special place to visit your loved ones? 

You may want to keep them in sacred places like a cemetery or a columbarium instead of storing them at home or scattering them someplace else. 

The permanence and sense of tradition that burial offers is a good option for families with particular religious faith (Catholics).

Get a cremation jewelry

If tattoos are not your thing, but you still want to carry the memory of your loved ones with you every day, you might want to consider turning cremated ashes into jewelry

This offers you a subtle and unique memorial — a beautiful way to remember your loved one. 

Plant their ashes

Green funerals, also called eco burials or living memorials, have growing popularity due to their environmentally-friendly way of putting someone to rest. 

Mixed with other nutrients, the ashes are put in a biodegradable urn and buried into the ground. 

They are often marked with a beautiful plant or tree seed of your choice. This burial gives the opportunity for people to give back to the environment after death.

Turn them into a vinyl record

If your loved one was a music lover or just want to remember them through their favorite songs, you may want to turn them into vinyl records. 

A UK-based company will help you make this come true by pressing ashes into a record you may cherish for years. Not only can you choose the music, but also the artwork of your vintage goodness.

Get it tattooed

It’s common to get a tattoo to commemorate a departed loved one, but it’s different when the ink contains their ashes. 

Some artists will mix a small amount of ashes with tattoo ink, so you can permanently keep your loved one close to you. 

Friendly reminder to do your research beforehand and talk to your tattoo artist to see if it’s possible!


Whatever route you want to take, you should take the time to think about it and not feel pressured about anything. Some things may seem strange to another, but in the end, how you want to handle the remains of your loved one is a personal thing.

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