Commuting to Work by Bike: Washington DC Edition

Walking and biking commuters have the highest levels of commuting satisfaction. The Wash Cycle reported this finding in 2019 from a DC-area State of the Commute Survey. Respondents named physical exercise, reduced stress, lower costs and flexibility as key benefits. If you’re a regular commuting biker, this probably isn’t surprising – you also enjoy these advantages.

If you already don’t bike to work, rewards like these may be reason enough to start. With the right kind of bicycle and several helpful resources for local cyclists, commuter biking can become a way of life. But before you buy a men’s commuter bike and take the plunge, check out this quick guide for some info and pointers.

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DC Bike Commuting, Present and Future

Meanwhile, new laws and municipal initiatives show promise for making DC more biking-friendly. These include lowering speeds on some roads, more protected bike lanes and stricter enforcement measures toward speeding drivers. Subsidies will be also available to encourage more commuters not to drive to work.

Many awesome resources exist to aid DC-area cyclists. goDCgo offers lots of bike maps with information on bike lanes, off-street trails, trail access points, Capital Bikeshare locations, secure bike parking spots and more. Helpful apps include RackSpotter, which finds bike parking locations, and Ride The City, which plots safer bike routes. There’s also Strava, a social network for cyclists and runners.

Advantages of Biking to Work

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Besides fitness, less stress and more green in your wallet, commuter biking offers other advantages – especially if you go electric. E-bikes are simply bicycles equipped with electric motors. The extra power can assist with pedaling, help tackle hills or serve as a complete power source with the rider doing no additional work.

Unsurprisingly, there are many environmental benefits of biking to work. Since e-bikes don’t use fossil fuels, they help reduce emissions. Charging them with renewable electricity sources or during off-peak hours can further diminish their environmental impact. They also leave far less wear and tear on public roads.

Finding Your Ideal Commuter Bike

Embracing the benefits of e-bikes for city commuters? Shopping for your new bike is easier than you may think. But you’ll want to consider some important questions before you start searching:

  • What is your budget?
  • Will you only use the bike to commute?
  • Do you plan to do any recreational riding?
  • Do you have health concerns such as back or joint pain?

Most e-bikes start at around $1,600. Higher-end models can price up to $2,400. Either way, they’re worthwhile investments when you consider the reduction in fuel costs plus wear and tear on your vehicle. And once you start commuter riding, you may want to ride for recreation. Sixthreezero’s Around the Block model comes with either a 250-watt or 500-watt rear hub motor and is rated for commuter and recreational riding on paved surfaces. Around the Block is also designed for riders with back pain.

Biking to Work in the Nation’s Capital

Commuter biking in the District offers many advantages. Many apps and resources can help you find your way around. Local government initiatives will make DC a safer and more enjoyable place to ride. With a high-quality bike and a plan, it’s easy to incorporate biking to work into your lifestyle.

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