Tips to Choose the Right Workout Clothes

Many people want to look good while they are doing exercise. Even if you are going to do at-home workouts during your quarantine, that doesn’t mean you have to look like a bum while doing it.

The right workout clothes can help you feel comfortable while keeping in fashion. It can make you feel more confident and content with the feel of looking good and fit.

Actually what you wear can impact your workout experience. Indeed some forms of exercise, such as biking and swimming, will need specific pieces of clothing.

For general workouts, there are many kinds of specific gym clothing available for different uses. Gym Aesthetics is a fashionable German fitness apparel brand providing the best gym clothing online

It is best to wear workout clothes that fits well and keeps you cool. Let’s choose the right workout clothes by the fabric, fit and comfort. Here are some tips for it:

Things to Consider of Choosing the Right Workout Clothes

Choose a fabric that wicks

A breathable synthetic fiber will allow your skin to breathe by wicking the sweat away from your skin. It helps evaporate quickly and keep your body cool while you exercise. The synthetic fabrics such as polyester, Lycra and spandex will work well. 

There are some lines of workout clothing containing polypropylene such as COOLMAX(1) or SUPPLEX fibers. They are a good choice that can help you manage your body temperature without soaking your clothes when you sweat. 

If you do not anticipate sweating a lot, you may consider wearing cotton. It is a soft, comfortable fiber that will go well for light workouts, such as stretching and walking.

However when cotton gets soaked by sweat, it will become heavy and cling to your body. So if you go for more intense or gym exercises, just do not use cotton.

Choose clothes according to your needs

For men, shorts and t-shirts for workout would be good. Women can wear leggings, sports tops and t-shirts for workout. If you do not like shorts you can wear workout pants or flair pants for workout. 

For the winter season you can wear full sleeve t-shirts or sweatshirts for workout which helps to keep the body warm and give enough comfort. 

Get the Right Fit

You should make sure that your workout clothes fit your body and the workout that you are going to do.

You should wear clothes that are loose to just right and comfortable for general or HIIT workouts. However if you are running or biking, wear tighter clothing especially pants.  Loose pants could get tangled up in the pedals or your feet. 

For exercises like yoga or Pilates, wear clothes with stretchy and fitted fabrics. It will wick away your sweat and make you feel cool. 

In general, just keep in mind not to wear any clothing that may get in the way of your workouts.

Change With the Seasons

It is very important that if you do outdoor exercise or play seasonal sports, then you will  have to change your workout clothes with the seasons. 

For warm summer months, you should choose the breathable synthetic fiber fabrics that can wick your sweat away. The workout clothes with such fabric are cool and comfortable, and allow you to move freely.

While for cold weather, indeed you’ll need to dress warmly. But because you will boost your heart rate and your body temperature when you exercise, wear in layers that you can remove.

You should wear the layers that you can easily discard when your body temperature heats up and feel hot during your workout. For the layers, first of all, put on sweat-wicking clothing on the inner layer, and then an insulating layer on top of that. You may wear hats, and gloves to cover your head and hands to protect them from the cold weather too.

For wet or windy weather, if you really have to do outdoor exercises, be careful of getting soaked in the rain or blocked by a strong wind. You should wear a waterproof outer layer that protects your body from the rain and wind.

Consider to Wear Bright Colors

Many people prefer to wear dark colors when they workout because of the sweat. However, bright colors can help improve your mood psychologically, that’s why you can consider getting more colorful clothes. Thought function and fit are the most important elements, you may also want to feel good while doing exercises. 

Moreover, especially if you go jogging or do outdoor exercises at night time, bright colors can help you get spotted easily to avoid accidents. 

It is not saying that you can’t wear any black clothing for workouts, but you may try to mix it up with, say black top and bright shorts or vice versa. 

Pick Comfortable Undergarments For Workout

For ladies, a comfortable sports bra is key for workout. To find the right sports bra, you have to consider your breast size and the width of the straps. 

It is different from choosing a comfortable sleep bra. Generally there are two types of sports bras: encapsulated bras and compression bras. Compression bras secure your breasts with pressure that work best for smaller cups. They’re very secure for high-impact workouts. On the other hand, encapsulated sports bras offer individual cups for each breast. They are a good option if you have a larger cup. These bras also provide good support for each of your breasts with the separation.

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