Choose the Right Nose Ring Trends for an Occasion

Nose rings might be made of gold, silver, or pearl. These are pieces of jewelry that can completely change the look of the face and that too quite instantly. At times when you do not like to wear a lot of jewelry and also do not want to appear too dressy, going for a simple gold or silver nose ring can be a perfect choice. It will not just offer you a chic appearance but will also elevate your style quotient.

With the perfect choice of a designer nose ring, you can easily make a statement with your appearance. Here are some ideas that you can use when it comes to choosing the right nose ring trends for different occasions:


nose pin stud
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They are in this season, and they essential go with almost any nose shape. For the ones with broad noses, the option is to go for bigger nose studs with stones featured on them. On the other hand, if your nose is quite narrow, you can choose the smaller studs.

Nose studs go well with almost any attire and are suitable for all occasions. This is one of the greatest advantages of this nose ring trend. And yes, you can even sport them without worrying much about the clothes you are wearing.


nose hoops

They look absolutely stunning on women with long and narrow noses. If you have a broad nose, then better you stay away from hoops. You can find them in varied designs and sizes. There are the bigger ones also available in pearl and diamond material. They suit all traditional occasions and outfits.

Pearl and diamond hoops are just perfect for marriages and special events. The smaller and simpler hoops perfectly suit tunics, and tops. You can even wear them with t-shirts, provided the design works out well. The silver hoops look good on both western and ethnic dresses.

Septum Nose Rings

Septum Nose Rings

These are statement pieces perfect for women looking to take centre stage at any occasion or event. The reason why these rings have remained in trend since their inception is that they go well with nearly any kind of face shape.

The only thing you require for donning septum rings for varied occasions and with varied dresses is the right fashion sense. Of course, you must also have the confidence to carry the look you get with these rings.

You can find them in varied designs. There are some prominent ones available, while you can even find the simpler and the more delicate varieties. Go for anything in this category, depending on the occasion you are dressing up for.

You can even wear them with piercings making them easy to wear and a handy option.


With these different trending nose rings, you can easily create varied looks for varied occasions. Every nose ring design is exclusive, and it offers a great vibe to a woman’s personality. All these years, if you have been hesitant in trying out nose rings, this is the time to go for them. Get the piece that appeals to you and flaunt your stunning appearance.

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