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Tips to choose the right hair loss shampoo

There are tons of anti-hair fall shampoos competing with each other in the market nowadays. But identifying the right shampoo that would work the best to control hair fall is still quite a daunting task for customers.

The effectiveness of a hair loss shampoo depends on the frequency and time of application. But most shampoos promote blood circulation in and around the scalp for hair to stay healthy and shiny.

There is no magic potion to bring back all the lost hair, but using the right hair loss shampoo can definitely prevent hair fall and minimize and retain future hair loss while strengthening the existing hair mass. The best thing to do would be to choose a shampoo that is tried and tested.

Ensure you don’t fall prey to marketing gimmicks for shampoos with special offers and ‘buy now’ incentives! Please do some research and rely on some honest feedback about the best hair loss shampoo before deciding to buy it and apply it to your hair. After all, you don’t want your hair loss to worsen by using the wrong shampoo!


Factors to consider before opting for a hair loss shampoo

Instead of opting for any random brand, it would be ideal for you to carry out your own research before you make a choice. When you consider buying a shampoo, especially hair loss, consider factors such as ingredients, hair concerns and hair type. A shampoo selected after considering all of these factors will prove to be effective against hair fall. Here are a few more guidelines to choose the right shampoo.

Understand your hair type

The major factor to consider before you opt for a hair loss shampoo is to know your scalp and hair type well. You will be making a huge mistake if you opt for a shampoo formulated for a dry scalp on an oily scalp!

Discover the hair concern

Your hair fall may be due to hair coloring, weakening of the hair roots, dandruff or may be due to scalp-related issues. It is essential to understand the cause of the hair fall before you opt for hair shampoo. Look for certain ingredients in a shampoo that can successfully deal with certain hair concerns.

These include active charcoal, derived salicylic acid and wintergreen. These contents help in removing follicle-clogging and related impurities and promote healthy hair growth.

Ingredients such as biotin, zinc, collagen, glucose-omega blend, keratin and rice protein help strengthen the hair. Ketoconazole can remove dandruff and fungal issues. Ginger and mint can boost blood circulation in the scalp. Shea butter keeps hair hydrated. Keratin locks moisture in the scalp adds volume to the hair and also coats the hair strands. Antioxidants and other essential oils like grapeseed oil can reduce inflammation and irritation in the scalp. Similarly, green tea extract, pumpkin oil and rosemary oil can promote hair growth.

Know the pH level of a shampoo

The sweat on the scalp mixes with sebum or oil and forms a thin layer called the acid mantle. The pH of this mantle can be around 4.5 to 5.5.  The acidic nature of hair can help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the scalp and hair. The pH can also keep the hair cuticles healthy and intact.

If you are looking for the ideal shampoo, look for the shampoo with a pH close to that of your scalp to be sure that it won’t cause any damage to your scalp and hair.

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