Factors Determining the Right Candidate for Chin Augmentation

Many people go through life without ever thinking about how their chin looks. But if you worry about yours, it’s probably because of a perceived defect, which can make you feel self-conscious.

For such people, getting a chin augmentation can be beneficial as it can help them regain their confidence.

But while considering the cosmetic procedure, the question is, are you the right candidate?

Chin augmentation isn’t suitable for everyone. It’s therefore important to know whether you’re the right candidate before heading up to the clinic.

How to Know If You are Suitable for Chin Augmentation

1. You have a weak chin

A weak chin, or retrogenia, is one that slopes down towards the neck. Retrogenia can affect both men and women and doesn’t give that well-defined chin that’s aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, chin augmentation by Dr. Gavidia leverages chin implants and other methods like fillers and micrograft fat to define the chin shape. Some options are more long-lasting than others.

So if you live with this condition, consider scheduling an appointment with your doctor to know the best option for you.

2. You’re unhappy with your chin appearance

Everyone deserves to be happy. If the appearance of your chin is a hindrance to your happiness, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t solve the problem if there’s a solution. Feeling confident about your looks has positive effects on your mental health.

3. You’re considering rhinoplasty

Sometimes, you may require chin augmentation alongside a rhinoplasty — or nose job.

For instance, if the nose job will reduce the projection of your nose, your chin may appear inappropriately larger. It may become necessary to reduce the chin size through augmentation. Here, implants would not be the right choice.

By doing both procedures simultaneously, you can ensure your facial profile is balanced.

4. Health factors

Beyond the physical and emotional factors, health issues also determine whether chin augmentation would be suitable for you.

Ideal candidates for the procedure should be:

? Nonsmokers

? Physically healthy people

? Having a stable weight

How does chin augmentation work?

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that corrects a weak chin to restore desirable facial symmetry. It can be done using:

Chin implants 

placing soft, customizable silicone compatible with human tissue in your lower jaw.

Cheek implants

placing implants in hollow cheeks can make the chin appear stronger and bring facial balance.

Injectable facial fillers

this is a non-invasive procedure, meaning your face wouldn’t be cut, just injected with dermal fillers to fill out your facial proportion.

Micrograft fat

fat can be transferred from the neck through liposuction to fill out your chin and cheeks.

Typically, implants are more long-lasting. However, you may require a genioplasty or mandibular advancement surgery for more serious cases involving a very weak chin or abnormally functioning jaw. Using only implants wouldn’t achieve the results you desire.

During the consultation with your surgeon, they’ll be able to evaluate your challenges and determine the best-fit solution.

Final words

If you believe you may be a good candidate for chin augmentation, discuss with your surgeon to determine the next steps towards achieving your aesthetic goals.

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