Change Your Life And Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

A bright and beautiful smile has the potential to change your life. Not only does it make you look good but boosts your confidence as well. In fact, it can even impact your personal relationships and professional success. But everyone is not blessed with an amazing smile because dental issues plague people of all ages. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers a range of procedures that can correct your smile and improve your overall oral health too. Here are some procedures that can change your life and smile for the better.

Teeth whitening for an instant confidence boost

Something as simple as whitening your teeth can boost your confidence considerably. A white and shining smile can make you look good, even if your teeth are not picture-perfect. While you may consider taking the DIY route for teeth whitening, professional whitening is always the better option. DIY will not give you great results and you may actually end with sensitivity issues. Conversely, your specialist can help you with amazing results that last and also suggest additional services for that perfect appearance. 

Gun contouring for treating a gummy smile

If your smile shows too much gum, you need gum contouring treatment sooner rather than later. It takes only a few visits to your dentist and you can actually have your gum-to-tooth ratio corrected for a lifetime. According to dentists in houston, the treatment is finished with porcelain veneers to balance the proportions by lengthening the teeth. The dentist uses a specially designed laser for lifting the gums so that the veneers can extend the tooth for a perfect smile. 

Dental implants to fill the gaps

Missing teeth can be the worst that can happen to your smile. Unfortunately, you may lose them at a young age due to an accident or medical issue. However, cosmetic dentistry has you covered with the best dental implants to fill the unsightly gaps. They are a permanent alternative to dentures and bridges, which makes them a worthwhile investment for a bright and confident smile.


Porcelain crowns for damaged teeth

Like missing teeth, broken, chipped or damaged teeth can also ruin your appearance. Porcelain crowning is a treatment option that offers a permanent solution for transforming a broken tooth into a strong and beautiful one. While you have the option of a metallic crown, one that is made of porcelain is best for restoring the natural smile. The best part is that your dentist can choose a porcelain color that is a perfect match for the natural color of your teeth so that the crown does not look out of place. 

Tooth-colored fillings for a natural look

Another cosmetic dentistry treatment that can be of great help is tooth-colored filling for decayed teeth. Originally, dentists used silver fillings that resolved the problem but left patients with unnatural-looking teeth. Replacing them with tooth-colored materials is a good idea. While it gives your teeth a natural appearance, the filling also helps the dentist to assess the health of the tooth with greater ease and accuracy.

Getting a perfect smile is easier than you believe, provided you opt for the right cosmetic dentistry procedure rather than a regular one. The expertise of your dentist can also make all the difference.

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