The 10 Possible Causes of Sudden Blurry Vision

If you experience a sudden loss of the sharpness of your vision, it is possible that your body might be in need of medical attention. Apart from usual eye conditions which result in objects looking hazy or unclear, there are several other critical conditions and diseases which can also result in such symptoms. And hence, you should start treatment of blurry vision immediately at the very first sign ofthe problem. 


What Can Cause Sudden Blurred Vision?

Sudden Blurry Vision
Sudden Blurry Vision

1. Detached retina:

Retina is a thin sheet which is at the back of the eyes. A detached retina is a condition in which the retina tears away and blood and oxygen supply is lost. This condition requires emergency treatment, without which there is a possibility of permanent loss of vision in that area. 

2. Stroke: 

When an individual suffers from a stroke, the blood flow to his brain gets cut off. As a result, he may have suffered from blurry or hazy vision or even sudden loss of eyesight. Such a stroke can impact one or both the eyes and lead to vision problems.

3. Eye Strain: 

Staring at a screen or reading something in insufficient light can result in eye strain. This usually takes place gradually. And when you turn your eyes away from the screen or the book, you may notice blurred vision as your eye muscles are strained. 

4. Migraine: 

Migraine is a form of serious headache, and people who suffer from this headache often complain that it debilitates them for days together. It can result in blurry vision, temporary loss of vision, sensitivity to light and you may even see spots before or during migraine attacks.


5. Macular Degeneration:

Macular degeneration is a chronic eye disorder. This can lead to blurry or hazy vision, and may also cause a blind spot in your 360 degree vision. 

6. Optic Neuritis:

Optic Neuritis is caused as a result of damage to the myelin sheath, a protective coating on the nerve cells. This condition causes blurry vision, colour blindness or pain while moving the eye ball. More commonly, patients experience such blurry vision in the left eye.

7. Temporal arteritis:

When the arteries around your temple start getting inflamed, it results in a condition known as temporal arteritis. The main symptom which a patient experiences in this condition is throbbing pain in the temples. Alongside, there can also be blurring of one’s vision or sudden loss of vision in both the eyes.

8. Corneal abrasion:

Like scratched spectacles result in vision being disturbed, corneal abrasion is also a condition with the thin covering sheet in front of the eye gets scratched or damaged. This results in corneal abrasion. A person may feel blurry vision, and additionally, he may feel as if something is there in his eyes. 

9. High blood sugar:

High blood sugar may cause your eye lens to swell. And this swelling can give you the feeling of a blurred vision. 

10. Eye infections: 

  • Eye infections can lead to blurry vision and may demand immediate attention.
  • Keratitis: When the cornea gets inflamed or infected, it is known as Keratitis.
  • Conjunctivitis: A bacterial or viral infection in the blood vessels near the eyes is Conjunctivitis.
  • Orbital cellulitis: A fungal or bacterial infection in the eyelids or the eyeball is called orbital cellulitis.
  • Uveitis: The middle portion of your eye which contains the iris is the uvea. Infection in this area is known as uveitis.6



Eyes are one of the most delicate organs of the body. And vision is a vital function for life. Taking care of the eyes is of utmost necessity, irrespective of whether you feel healthy or you experience any discomfort. And hence, if you ever feel discomfort in your eyes or blurry vision, do not ignore the symptoms and seek immediate medical attention from an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. 

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