Canine Cysts- Why You Should Not Panic

If you are a dog owner, you will want your canine companion to be healthy and active at all times. But it is natural to encounter dog health issues through the pet’s life span. Some are easier to deal with, while others are disconcerting. Yet others can give you a panic attack. Canine cysts and lumps, for example, are a reason to worry because most dog owners associate them with cancer. Fortunately, most cysts do not pose a serious health risk to the animal. It makes sense to be aware and educated so that you can deal with the situation in the right way. Let us explain why you shouldn’t panic about dog cysts.

All cysts are not the same

Remember that all cysts and tumors aren’t the same, so you cannot assume that your pet has cancer when you notice one. Lipomas, histiocytomas, and skin tags are benign tumors. It means they aren’t life-threatening and can be resolved with treatment. Conversely, you need to worry about malignant tumors such as mammary tumors, mast cell tumors, squamous cell carcinomas, osteosarcomas, and lymphoma. You cannot assess these growths by yourself, so get a veterinary checkup as soon as you notice an abnormal growth. Most times, it will not be a reason to panic, so you shouldn’t.

CBD oil can be a savior 

Although most cysts are generally benign, they can be problematic for the pet. Dangling skin tags may cause pain and bleeding and even get caught. They can rupture and ooze, making the animal uncomfortable. The vet may recommend surgical removal, but you can discuss cbd for cysts as an alternative to surgery. A CBD salve can do wonders as pet owners claim that regular application on the affected area can make the skin tag fall off after some days.  You can save your pet from the pain and complications of a surgical procedure by adopting this safe and natural remedy. 

Keeping track is essential

Even as you need not panic about canine cysts, it is vital to pay attention and keep track of any abnormal growth. Once you identify a mass on the canine skin, monitor its growth. Consult a vet and follow their recommendations. They will suggest that you keep track of the location of the cyst and the pace of its growth. Taking a picture and noting the location of the cyst is a good idea if you own a long-haired dog breed. Locating the growth can get tricky when you take the animal for physical examination, and these details will help to make it easily identifiable during the exam.

The last thing you should do as a pet owner is to panic about your dog’s health, no matter how scary things appear. Assumptions will aggravate your stress, so let the vet diagnose and decide the best course of action. Thankfully, you can explore the option of CBD oil as a natural remedy for benign cysts. Rest assured that the right product and proper application will resolve the issue for good without having to make your pet go through the trauma of surgery. 

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