An Ultimate Guide To Brow Rejuvenation Process

As you grow old, your eyelids and forehead start to move down because the muscle keeping them in the proper position gets strained. These droopy eyelids can affect your overall appearance and eye vision.

Are your droopy brows affecting your self-esteem and personality? If yes, it is wise to opt for facial rejuvenation – the cosmetic procedure to raise the forehead.

We must consider a facial rejuvenation procedure when:

  • You have furrows between the eyebrows at the top of your nose
  • You have excess skin drooping over your eyes
  • The droopy forehead is affecting your appearance
  • You have wrinkles on your forehead.


What Is The Brow Lift Method?

A brow lift surgery elevates the soft tissue of the forehead to enhance the facial appearance.

For instance, the experts say that the brow rejuvenation by Dr. Gary Motykie focuses on enhancing the overall facial appearance with different types of rejuvenation surgeries. It is wise to consider surgery; overlooking will make you old and obstruct your eye vision. 

What Are The Different Types Of Facial Rejuvenation Procedures?

The facial rejuvenation procedure may vary depending on how you want to look. This procedure is performed using any of the below approaches:

Open Brow Lift

This process is also known as the coronal facial lift procedure. A surgeon makes an extended cut around your forehead or in one of the creases and uplifts the skin from the underlying muscles. 

After that, they will remove the excess fat and stitch your eyebrow into a new position.

Endoscopic Method

In this procedure, your surgeon will create multiple short incisions in your scalp. An endoscope is a small camera that attaches to a long narrow tube. Your surgeon will use the endoscope to look at the muscles under a precise incision by putting it through the area. With a camera attached to it, your surgeon will be able to see the internal structures of your forehead.

Limited Incision Technique

This is a non-endoscopic procedure with limited incisions. It uses a small portion of the ends of the coronal facial lift procedure to elevate the outer part of the eyebrows under direct vision without an endoscope.

The type of procedure you choose depends on your facial features and preferences.

Pre-Surgery Precautions

Have you decided to undergo a facial rejuvenation procedure? Great, the below steps will help you out during your initial consultation:

  • Review your medical history while consulting with the surgeon. Thereby, make sure to be ready with all your past documents and professional consultations. 
  • The surgeon will perform a physical examination of your forehead and eyes during the consultation.
  • It is recommended to stop smoking after the surgery for a specific period for the best results. 

Post-Surgery Precautions

After a successful surgery, your surgeon will give you specific instructions on how to take care of your incisions. During the initial days, you should:

  • Apply cold compresses to overcome swelling
  • Avoid exposing your incisions to extreme pressure
  • Rest your head elevated and take medicines as suggested by the doctor.

When your incisions heal, the chances are great for you to experience itchiness. However, fear not as these will lessen over time.

The Bottom Line

A facial rejuvenation process offers long-lasting results by enhancing the overall appearance of your face. In this process, excess skin is removed, and the underlying structure adjusts for a natural outcome.

Keep in mind to consult an experienced surgeon and take all the necessary post and pre-surgery precautions for obtaining a flawless look. 

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