Biggest Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Biggest Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing A Wedding Venue

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Deciding on the best wedding venue for your big day can be one of the biggest challenges you’re going to face. The venue is likely to have a big impact on your budget and other aspects such as the food and bar. When choosing a wedding venue, you need to consider many things, which can make it tough for you to find something that ticks all the boxes. However, it might become easier if you know what to ask yourself and what things to avoid.

Don’t Spend More Than Your Budget

It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of your wedding day, but it pays to be practical and realistic. After all, this is a celebration of your love — not a contest to see who can spend the most. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is spending more on wedding venues in Tampa. This can set you up for a lifetime of debt, stress, and financial woes. Don’t enter into marriage saddled with debt! Instead, make a budget and stick to it. You’ll thank yourself later!

Start Your Wedding Venue Search Early

The best time to start visiting wedding venues in Tampa is at least a year before your wedding date. It may seem early, but you have to be the early bird to get the best locations and vendors. Make sure to mark your calendar with the dates when you can start booking specific venues and vendors. 

Also, keep in mind that certain months are more popular than others, so if you have your heart set on a certain date, make sure to reserve it well in advance. In the meantime, it’s important to create a budget for yourself so you know how much money you’re willing to spend. 


Not Considering the “Wedding Weather”

Sometimes brides don’t consider the time of year they’re getting married when they pick their venue. You may love the idea of an open-air barn wedding, but it’s not going to be very comfortable in the middle of summer. If your heart is set on a certain style of venue, make sure you’re not booking a date that makes it impractical.

It’s also important to ask whether wedding venues Tampa have a rain plan or an indoor space for ceremonies and receptions. Even if you don’t think there’s a chance of rain on your wedding day, it’s better to have a Plan B just in case. And make sure it’s not something as simple as they’ll put up some tents in the yard. Ask to see the tents and make sure they’re big enough and nice enough that you’d want to use them if needed!

Failing to Visit the Venue Site

When it comes to booking a wedding venue, many couples want to book as soon as they find a spot they love. They may think that the venue will get booked up if they wait too long. But if you’re considering a wedding venue, you should always schedule a site visit before you sign anything. Here are some of the most common mistakes couples make when they don’t take the time to visit their venue in person

A photo of a venue may look stunning, but the building may look very different in person. Ask the venue manager if you can see the room during wedding hours to understand how the lighting will look. This is also a good time to check out your view from inside the room: does it look out onto parking lots or construction sites?

The other side of this is that things might not be as bad as they seem in the photo. Some photos can make rooms with bad acoustics or poor lighting look better than they are. A site visit will help you determine what problems need fixing at your venue so that you aren’t surprised when your event begins. The best way to see if the space suits your needs is to walk through it yourself. You might not have considered this aspect before seeing it.


Assuming You Can Handle Everything

If possible, hire a wedding planner to help you navigate wedding venues in Tampa. A wedding planner can be a huge asset because of their vendor relationships, experience, and creativity. Their expertise will help you save money and time, which is valuable! If you can’t hire a full-service planner, consider hiring a day-of coordinator. 

A coordinator will take care of all your details the week of the wedding and on your big day so that you can relax and enjoy your day with family and friends. If you plan to hire a coordinator, make sure they are booked early so that you have enough time to meet with them before your big day to go over all the important details.

Undervaluing the Cost of Your Big Day

Often, it’s easy to underestimate how many things are involved in planning a wedding. And the venue is at the top of the list. Often, there’s more to it than just renting a ballroom or a garden for an hour or two and then running off. You may have to bring in chairs and tables, provide catering, hire security, and coordinate transportation for guests. There’s a lot of stuff that people don’t think about when looking at venues. It’s easy to fall in love with the location and later find out it’s very expensive.

This is especially true if you’re having your wedding in a private home or on public land, where you may be responsible for everything from electricity to parking. To avoid sticker shock, find out exactly what wedding Venues Tampa offers and doesn’t offer before you put down any money. You also can look for locations that include everything you need or that allow you to use outside vendors so you can shop around.


Having a wedding is an important decision with many potential pitfalls, so approach it carefully. Don’t rush—the wise bride lets this process take as long as it needs to find the perfect venue. With prudent research, you can identify and avoid these common mistakes of the wedding day, saving you time, money, aggravation, and stress.

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