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10 Best Neck Support Pillows for Neck Pain

Do you feel stiffness in your neck all day long? Or do you wake up with the neck pain every day? Or is it a very old neck pain that has made you search for the remedies? No matter what has brought you here but now that you’re on this page, looking for the best pillows for neck pain, just know that you have landed on the right place. Here, we will discuss what important roles do pillows play in treating neck pain. Also, later in the article, we’ve discussed some of the best pillows on Amazon that we have selected after scouring a wide variety. 

How are pillows important for treating neck pain? 

Your sleeping position for the whole night decides how your neck would feel the very next day. If you wake up with a pain in your neck every morning, you can blame the pillow or your sleeping position for it. Also, if you choose a right pillow, it can actually make a difference in your sleeping position and ultimately, the condition of your neck the other day. 

Choosing the right pillow isn’t important just for your comfort but the intricate structures of your head also get an essential support. You should choose a pillow that can keep your upper body in right alignment at night while you’re sleeping. This not only helps your body to feel relaxed but also counterbalances the body points. With a right choice of pillow, you can actually heal your neck and back pain and also relax other joints like hip and shoulder. 

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Here are the types of pillows that we think would be best for your neck. Take a note and get any of these. 

Purple pillow

Here is the most effective, no pressure pillow, the best place where your sleepy head deserves to be! The pillow is actually made of several little triangles to make sure that it doesn’t loses support under pressure. The best part about this pillow is the comfort that it offers to the neck. Also, the small triangles on the pillow allow the air to flow freely around your noggin. So now no more sleeping sweaty. 

Cervical pillow – UTTU Sandwich Pillow

Cervical stiffness is the initial stage of neck pain. The earlier your take steps to treat it, the better it would be for your neck. Cervical pillow has been specially designed to improve your sleeping position which will treat most of your neck pain. It tends to absorb all the stress and pain from the cervical and allows your neck to rest by providing much support. 


My pillow products are considered best for neck pain because of its mix of different sized open-cell poly-foam pieces. A special resin is also a part of that mix which ensures that the pillow retains its shape when used by the user and also when molded as per his need. This uniquely designed neck supporting pillow is washable, dryable and dust mite-resistant and most importantly, non-allergic. 

Water pillow by Mediflow

The top five layers of soft, hypoallergenic polyester fiber of the water pillow is what makes it special and perfect choice for your neck. Why is it called water pillow? This is because it has a thin layer of water pouch on its bottom which helps to provide extra, adjustable support to the user. The utmost comfort helps you achieve sleep in no time and also reduces sleep interruption to the minimum level. 

Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow

A pillow too high is not healthy and a pillow too low is just not comfortable. Then comes the Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow that is both healthy and comfortable. It has been perfectly designed for those who need to develop a healthy sleeping position to get rid of neck and back pain. However, if you feel that the pillow is too thick for you, you can take out the removable piece of foam from the bottom. 

Casper pillow

Casper pillow has been designed to support every kind of sleeping position. Its mix of equal sized foam pieces with resilient, buoyant core and plush outer layer altogether make it a perfect and healthy choice for those who have been suffering from neck pain. 

Tempurpedic pillow

Tempurpedic pillow has been developed with a beautiful design and is extremely lightweight. What makes this pillow stand out is the fact that it blends two designs into a single pillow. It has a flatter side for stomach and side sleepers. Also, when flipped over, you witness its gently arched side specially designed for back sleepers. 

Level Sleep Restore pillow

As you know, the neck alignment while you sleep has a lot to do with your neck pain. LevelSleep pillow focuses on this fact and has created adjustable cervical pillow in order to provide your neck the much-needed alignment. Eventually, with the use of this pillow, you will realize your neck being more relaxed and more free. 

Plushbeds wool pillow

Sleeping cool and dry is still a dream for many and neck pain makes things even worse. So here is the best option for you. Plushbeds pillow not only improves air flow and keeps you dry but also provides essential snuggle and support to your neck. Once you start using it, you would want to take a permanent break from the moisture producing traditional polyester or cotton pillows that have given you this pain. 

Hullo Buckwheat pillow 

Get more restful sleep with the malleable and breathable Hullo Buckwheat pillow. Not only does it create adequate support for your head and neck but also retains itself under pressure. It releases stress from your spine and helps your body relax down. This also minimizes the time you take in achieving sleep. 

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Now that you know what’s best for your neck, why delay? Now no more stiffness and no more wandering with neck pain. Get the best pillow for neck support and say goodbye to all your worries! 

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