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2020 10 Best Neck Support Pillows For Neck Pain

Are you sick of waking up in the morning with a pain or kink in your neck? You are not alone.

The majority of the people who use low- quality pillows wake up in the morning with a kink in the neck is an awful feeling that makes it hard to move the neck.

A pain in the neck sends stabbing pains down the back or arms and is often the reason for dull or severe headaches.

It tends to be more common among the people of middle age, however neck pain can affect anyone.

If the neck pain is followed by an injury, then the pain can diminish within a few days or weeks. But up to 10% of the people are prone to suffer from chronic neck pains.

For this reason, water base or bamboo memory foam pillows are considered as the best ones for relieving neck pain more effectively.

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What Are The Reasons Of Nightly Neck Pain?

People usually blame their mattresses when they suffer from neck pain or wake up in the morning with a neck cramp. But this is a misconception because it is rarely the fault of the mattress or your sleeping position.

More often, your pillows are to be blamed for the unrest throughout the night that eventually results in a neck kink. Our neck is made up of tendons, cartilage, muscles, and seven tiny bones.

This structure of our neck is not caged or connected with each other instead floats on a fluid.

Our neck is more vulnerable when we are asleep. Hence, it is important to keep our neck in line with the back and head to avoid any probable cramp or injury. That’s why choosing a comfy and high-quality pillow is crucial.

Keeping in mind all these points, we have scoured a list of 10 support pillows to prevent the neck pain, which is as follows:

10 support pillows to prevent the neck pain

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1: EPABO Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is the best option for the people who are looking for a firm support for the neck. It is contoured to provide the support that aligns with your back, neck, head, and shoulders.

The manufacturers advise to use it for more than two weeks before passing any judgments as our bodies need some time to adjust to using such pillows.

The firm support and high density have been ranked among the best-selling pillows and this memory foam pillow has numerous positive ratings as well. This pillow costs around $45.

2: Mediflow Water Based Pillow

This pillow is specially designed for the people who suffer from neck pain to give them comfort throughout the night. The inner water chamber of this pillow is completely adjustable providing the exact amount of thickness and support you need. It allows you to fill in the inner chamber with water to make a waterbed for your head. The cleaning process takes only a few minutes. You just need to remove the outer cover, wash it, dry it, and clean the inner chamber with a damp cloth.

The value pack of this water-based pillow costs $93 and has a 30-nights trial period.  

3: The Eva Pillow For Neck Pain

It provides ultimate support and comfort to alleviate neck pains. The custom memory foam conforms to the head and retains its shape without sacrificing on the comfort and cloud-like feeling that everyone wants from the pillow. The Eva pillows absorb heat and are infused with activated charcoal to remove odor and regulating the moisture. It comes with a 120-nights trial period and costs $150.

4: Belly Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

The gel-infused memory foam helps in maintaining the temperature throughout the night. Stomach sleepers are more prone to suffer from neck pains as this is considered as the worst position to sleep with regular pillows. It has the curved edges to reduce the rotation of the head and is thin and flat that makes it perfect for belly sleepers.  It costs $50 and is available online. 

5: Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

It is made up of organic materials that make it environment-friendly and it costs around $69, The pillows from Hullo are customizable and you can adjust the thickness by removing or adding the filling according to your convenience.

6: Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Costing $70, it is made to prevent pillow pinching. This pillow is featured to provide excellent support to the neck and thus is a sturdy option. The shredded memory foam makes it comfier and softer along with breathable covers that prevent excessive head sweating.

7: Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow provides medium support and is the best choice for all the people as it provides ideal support for any position. It is filled with shredded memory foam to make more comfortable. The cover is of vented bamboo which is designed to keep your head cool at night. It costs around $60 on amazon and has many 5-star ratings.

8: Holy Lamb Organics Orthopedic Neck Pillow

It is a handmade pillow and can be the priciest option among all. This pillow has two neck bolsters and is specially designed with the collaboration of a chiropractic physician. Each pillow is custom made is prepared on orders. It costs $135 and comes with a featured organic cotton pillowcase.

9: B.E.D. INNOVA Memory Foam Pillow in Medium

It might be the best choice for back sleepers because it is designed to keep your spine straight throughout the night. It helps in cradling your neck and in resting your head at a lower position to minimize the chances of neck pain. The built-in bolsters are fe

atured to support the cervical spine. Its memory foam material is dust mites and bug resistant. This specially designed pillow costs $77.

10: Memory Foam Pillow from Smarter Rest

Made up of toxic-free material, this pillow has a granulated cover for massage comfort. It is firm and is quite comfortable to relieve neck pain. This memory foam pillow is temperature regulating and provides versatile support to all the body parts. This pillow costs as low as $29. 

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