Benefits of Vitamin B3 for Skin

Hey you…yes you, right there, on the other side of the screen; are you in search of a secret that helps you avail that glowing skin that you have always wanted? Well, you have stopped by the right place then as Vitamin B3 might the magical ingredient that you are missing on. 

What does vitamin B3 do for skin that helps it in staying youthful and glowing? Well, it is a powerful ingredient that sets Vitamin C aside. According to dermatologists, if people understand the perks of Vitamin B3, they might cut back on Vitamin C. 

What is Vitamin B3?

Before we dig into the skin benefits that Vitamin B3 has, it is crucial to understand what it is. It is known as niacinamide in scientific terms and it is a water soluble vitamin.

As vitamin b3 is not generated by the human body on its own, it is incorporated into the skin care products.  Its main job is to reduce the potential risks of aging and reduction of acne too. 

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What does Vitamin B3 do for skin?

What are the potential benefits that one can expect from Vitamin B3? To begin with, this vitamin is amazingly restorative. It has the following abilities:

  •  It repairs damaged DNA 
  • It helps in restoring the cellular energy 
  • It also aids in reduction of immunosuppressive effects of UV rays
  • Prevents the breakdown of skin by reducing aging signs 

Premature signs of aging like wrinkles and discoloration start at different ages, depending on how well one has treated their skin from scratch. People who haven’t taken care of their skin usually start experiencing aging signs as early as in their late 20’s or beginning of their 30’s. This is where Vitamin B3 can undo it all and help the skin generate new cells and repair the damaged skin efficiently. It reduces the appearance of aging skin, like fine lines, wrinkles and much more. 

Secondly, vitamin b3 is world-famous for its brightening perks. It reduces brown spots efficiently as it doesn’t let the pigmentation transfer within the skin. It hydrates the skin and reduces redness with the help of its anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, it strengthens the barrier of the skin, preventing it from further damage. 

If you have sensitive skin, you can consult your dermatologist about this but studies show that vitamin b3 can be wonderful for this skin type.

It can also help people who suffer from eczema and rosacea. A Lot of great sunscreen brands have added vitamin b3 in their ingredients too. Furthermore, the oral version of Vitamin b3 can be used for treating acne as well. 



If you want to add vitamin b3 into your skincare routine then there are several amazing brands that have added this ingredient in their products. Olay, Venn, Red Earth and Marie Veronique are some of the most prominent names who use Vitamin b3 in their products at the moment. 

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