6 Health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Looking for economical and effective ways to create a soothing and lively atmosphere in your space? Or if you believe in natural remedies, then salt lamps will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Himalayan salt provides a range of health benefits, all aimed at making your surroundings cleaner and healthier. There has been quite a hefty amount of research on this and although there may be little to show for it; it would be unwise to deny these benefits don’t exist. Any salt lamp owner could testify to the various benefits, which we’re going to look at one by one.

6 Himalayan Salt Lamps benefits

1. Electrolyte Balance

Salt lamps are known to produce negative ions. They are responsible for energizing oneself whilst positive ions on the other hand are ones that induce lethargy. Ever been to a waterfall or the beach? If you have, you’ll know that just standing beside a waterfall or letting the waves lap at your feet is extremely refreshing. That is because these are natural sources abundant in negative ions. In contrast, households are usually devoid of these ions. Which explains why we feel lazy and depleted as soon as we take off our shoes and sit on the couch. Himalayan Salt lamps are an infinite source of negative ions, livening up your ambiance and giving you that extra boost to finish that lengthy project due tomorrow. This effect is achieved by the heat produced by the bulb inside the salt lamp which then reacts with the salt. 

2. Janitors of the air

Himalayan salt lamps not only produce beneficial ions but also filter the air around us. Many allergens like pet dander get sucked towards the lamp and stick to its surface. The bigger the size of the lamp, the more allergens it can retain. These harmful particles are able to traverse the air by forming water molecules. The heat produced by the lamp dries up the water, leaving the harmful residue attached to its surface. Be sure to regularly clean your lamp with a damp cloth in order to maintain its filtering capabilities as its efficacy declines when excess residue builds up on the lamp.

3. Helps people with allergies

Relative to the previous point, these salt lamps are excellent for aiding people suffering from allergies or people with asthma. Placing one or two of these around your space is sure to make you experience an abrupt change in your symptoms, especially if you’re an asthma patient. Keep in mind these lamps are an additional complimentary option and are in no way a substitute for the remedies prescribed to you by a professional physician. You may still want to keep your inhaler around!

4. Natural deodorant

It’s part of a janitor’s job to also deodorize the air after they’re done cleaning. Similarly, salt lamps not only filter harmful particles out of the air, but also have an innate fragrance of their own. The soft and reverberating scent of these lamps is incredibly easy on the nose and contrary to artificial air fresheners doesn’t irritate your nasal passage upon excessive exposure. Additionally, salt lamps are able to nullify contaminants like cigarette or automobile smoke, rendering a healthier atmosphere for you and your kids to breathe in.

salt lamp

5. Therapeutic in nature

Ever try staring at a bright light bulb? Hurts right? Not the case with salt lamps. The dim light inside the lamp bounces relaxingly off our retinas and inculcates a sense of peace and relief. Some counselors even practice crystal salt therapy which involves staring into a salt lamp (which is incredibly fun to do by the way) to reduce stress and counter anxiety. Probably the same reason why campfires are also therapeutic to look at. Our eyes are geared to sustain light on a specific range after which the feeling of relaxation reverts into irritability. Salt lamps stay comfortably within this range.

6. They fight EM radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by electronic devices and kitchen appliances. Salt lamps help reduce this radiation and for this reason, are usually placed around TVs or in the kitchen. Moreover, they are increasingly finding their way onto nightstands as we all like to use our cellphones before going to bed and check our messages as soon as we get back up (also because Himalayan salt lamps promote better sleep patterns).

Are Salt Lamps Safe?

There is no evidence stating otherwise. All of the research based on these lamps has conclusively reported only benefits or at least weren’t connotative of any harmful side effects. These lamps are perfectly safe, even for infants.

Beware of Scammers!

A word of caution before you run off to the market. There are many fake plastic lamps being passed off as salt lamps in the market. Original Himalayan salt is only sourced from the Khewra salt mine located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan. This salt has a pinkish or an orangish hue. Confirm the authenticity of your lamp beforehand!

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