Benefits & Uses of Guarana

Guarana, also known as Paulinnia cupana, is a well-known ingredient in energy pills and drinks.

It consists of approximately 4.2% caffeine and various other ingredients such as guaranine, theobromine and theophylline. It has been a popular energy supplement in recent years. In this article we take you to the Amazon, where the energy herb has its origin.

Guarana tree
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Main Benefits of Guarana

Guarana for more energy

Guarana is mainly found in Venezuela and Brazil and it has been used for many years to generate energy. The nutty seeds of the plant are a great source of various health benefits, which is one of the reasons it has been used in many commercial products.

How about the Brazilian soft drink Guarana Antartica, a drink that is only beaten by Coca Cola in terms of sales figures? That alone makes guarana one of the most popular sources of caffeine in all of South America.

The herb therefore provides you with a good boost of energy and it would also work great for fat burning.

A miracle cure? Perhaps … The stimulating effects of guarana have been amply proven. Guarana would – in addition to the effects that we will explain below – also be beneficial for the movement of the intestines, for example.

Improve alertness and a better memory

There are many effects when you consume guarana and most of them are positive with proper dosage. The most powerful effect of guarana is the energy boost you get from it. Several clinical studies have shown that guarana improves alertness , and may also strengthens memory.

The chemical structure of paulinnia cupana is almost the same as that of caffeine, but stronger.

However, the difference is that guarana is released slowly into the body, which gives you a long-lasting source of energy. This is in contrast to coffee, for example, where you get a quick kick of energy and a mild crash as a result.

In many cases, guarana can also improve a person’s mood. One of the more popular clinical studies conducted on Guarana showed strong positive effects after a dose of only 75 mg.

In addition, it has been shown to improve cognitive and physical capabilities . Admittedly, the latter tests have been done on rats, but the same effects are also in people’s expectations, scientists say.

Guarana as a fat burner

Another benefit that guarana is widely known for is weight loss . Ancient tribes used guarana to make tea that would suppress hunger, resulting in weight loss.

A 45-week study found that individuals who consumed 75 mg of guarana per day lost an average of 4.5 kilograms of weight during that time.

These fat-burning effects are a big reason why guarana is added in many energy drinks and supplements to support weight loss and fight hunger effectively.


How to Use Guarana

There are several ways to consume guarana.

For example, the agent can be dissolved as a guarana powder. Use hot water, warm milk or another warm drink for this.

The stimulating properties of guarana are optimally preserved in the whole nut. Two notes at a time is sufficient. The guarana nut can be ground with a mortar or in a coffee grinder. Prepare Guarana the same way as coffee. Use the material several times to extract all active ingredients.

Another way is of course to buy an already guarana-containing product, but the effects are best achieved when consumed in its purest form. There are also more powerful guarana extracts, guarana capsules and guarana drops available.

Wrap Up

Guarana is safe to most adults as you can found it in many energy food and drinks. But you should also take note and be careful of the amount that you take. The caffeine in guarana can cause side effects if you overtake, such as insomnia, nervousness and headache.

Make sure you are taking appropriate dose, then guarana will be a good choice for boosting your energy.

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