Setting the Barre: 6 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Ballet

Does your little one love to dance? Do you find them dancing around their room when no one’s watching? 

Signing your child up for ballet classes is a wonderful opportunity for them to express themselves. Even if they’re not the most sophisticated dancer, ballet classes can teach them to improve and offer them health benefits as well. Having your child in ballet can be beneficial for both emotional and physical health and development. 

Not sure when to start a child in ballet?

You don’t even have to wait until they’re school-aged. You can start them in ballet at an early age! 

For more information about placing your child in ballet and how it can benefit them, continue reading below. This guide provides everything you need to know. 

Benefits of Ballet for Your Kid

1. Helps With Emotional Development

Although adults link the feeling of frustration to stress regarding adult life, it’s important to remember that little ones can become stressed and frustrated as well. This is even more true for those who haven’t learned how to express their feelings yet. 

Even at a young age, children are learning how to deal with their emotions. When a toddler or infant cries, it’s their way of expressing their wants or needs. When a little one throws a temper tantrum, it can be caused by their inability to express their emotions or feelings in a more positive way. 

These tantrums are normal because the little ones are still learning how to do this. Ballet can help with emotional development because it teaches them how to express themselves in a healthy way through the dance. If they have any kind of emotional distress or tension built up inside of them, they can then release it through their dance.  

Just like boxers take out their frustration on a punching bag, your little one can take their frustrations out through movement. 


2. Enhances Physical Health

Have you ever tried dancing as a way to exercise? 

Adults partake in several forms of dance as exercise including salsa, hula hoop dancing, Zumba dancing, and more! Dancing is a great way to get in your daily exercise, so why not let your child partake in dance as exercise as well? 

When you start your child in ballet at an early age, they’ll begin to get in the habit of staying active and healthy, which they can continue to do through adulthood. As they practice ballet, they begin to develop a better range of motion, flexibility, stamina, and physical strength also. 

3. Boosts Self-Confidence 

One of the best benefits to consider is the boost in self-confidence your little one will have. Joining a ballet team is a wonderful way to boost their self-esteem. Shy children and children who feel as though they can’t achieve certain goals will soon feel more confident in themselves after a few ballet classes. 

When they begin taking classes, they might not feel comfortable being themselves. Over time, they’ll begin to build relationships with the other dancers. As they achieve new dance goals, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, which also helps boost their confidence. 

The more dance goals they meet, the more confident they’ll become, wanting to continue reaching new goals each week or month. Putting on their ballet leotard will make them feel like a ballet star.

4. Provides Opportunity for Socialization 

Some children are born to socialize while others need some time to come out of their shells. Ballet provides a wonderful opportunity for socialization. This is true for both introverts and extroverts alike. 

Each time they arrive at dance class, they’ll be around a group of teammates who eventually become friends. All dancers must work together to help one another improve and bring a sense of unity to the team. Although it may take longer for some dancers to open up to others, eventually they’ll begin to feel comfortable and will make few friends. 

Because they’ll work as a team, they’ll be taught social skills such as how to effectively communicate and how to encourage and help one another when needed. 

5. Allows a Flow of Creativity

Dance is the perfect way to express oneself. It doesn’t matter what the specific style of dance is or how your little one moves about. Let their creativity flow by showing you all their amazing dance moves.

They can use ballet as a way to express their own creativity. They’ll also learn how to think more critically, and problem solve. 

6. Increases Cognitive Development

Because ballet class is structured, your little one will learn about time management and self-discipline. They’ll learn they must be at class on time and that negative actions while in class will have consequences. As they grow, they’ll learn how to juggle ballet with schoolwork, their social life, and their home life. 

In ballet, students also learn about dedication and the importance of practice and determination. These are all skills they can take with them as they get older and use them towards other areas in life. 

Considering Putting Your Child in Ballet Classes? 

Have you been considering placing your child in ballet class? Ballet is a great sport for children of all ages. It keeps them busy and keeps their minds and bodies healthy. Apart from Ballet, Hip hop dance classes are also a good choice for kids.

If you believe your little one could benefit from any of the items on this list, then don’t hesitate to sign them up!


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