Being Wrongly Accused: How to Pull Through

There are not many things as devastating, traumatic and sad as being accused of something you have zero knowledge of. 

Whether it is theft, rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, or child molestation, being wrongly accused of a crime can ruin your reputation and life. Plus, it could also have a ripple effect on your family’s life.

While it is impossible to rewrite history, there are steps you can take to handle wrong accusations and clear your name for good.

How to Handle Wrong Accusations

1. Stay Silent

After arresting someone, cops are often fond of informing them that they have the right to remain silent. If you were wrongly accused of rape, sexual assault or any crime, ensure you leverage this right and keep it shut.

Of course, it is often hard to zip it when someone wrongly accuses you of something that puts your job and reputation on the line. But, you will be doing yourself a lot of favor by keeping calm.

If you let your emotions get the better of you and start blabbering, what you say may be used against you in court, making it more difficult to solve your case. Don’t speak until you hire a lawyer. This professional will handle everything for you.

2. Gather Evidence

Your colleague wrongly accuses you of touching her inappropriately and sues you for sexual misconduct. How do you prove your innocence?

By gathering evidence to counter her accusations!

Not everyone will believe what you say, so you need to rely on evidence.

You need to provide an alibi—a form of evidence—to prove that you were somewhere else when the supposed act happened. Plus, you’ll also need to provide your lawyers with credible witnesses so they can be interviewed. 

In addition to witnesses, you need to provide other evidence like phone calls, text messages, emails, or documents that can exonerate you. Don’t wait till it’s too late to collect evidence. The earlier you start, the better for your case.

3. Contact a Lawyer

When you are wrongly accused of a crime, do you handle the case yourself since you are innocent or do you contact a qualified lawyer to represent you?If you want to clear your name, you should go for the latter. 

With a lawyer, you have a good chance of winning your case. Without one, your chances are slim, especially if the evidence against your alleged crime is convincing.

A competent lawyer can do many things you can’t do, especially if you are in jail. This professional can gather evidence, collect witness statements, and challenge evidence that may be used against you. 

Plus, an attorney can give the prosecutor a run for his money, as they’ll ensure that he provides convincing proof that the charges against you are genuine. Since you didn’t commit the crime, it’ll be hard for the prosecutor to prove your guilt.

Make sure you hire the right attorney for your case. If you were wrongly accused of sexual assault, a sex crime, ensure you go for a results-driven sex crime attorney.

4. Don’t Challenge Your Accuser

It’s hard to contain your anger when someone wrongly accuses you of a crime that could ruin your life. While some may try to act cool and challenge their accuser’s claims in court, some may resort to confronting their accuser out of court. We advise that you copy the behavior of the former. Even if you think the accusation was a mistake and want to resolve things, you shouldn’t!

Challenging your accuser may worsen the situation and make your lawyer’s job even harder. The persecution may take advantage of your confrontation and paint you as the bad guy in front of the judge. Rather than challenge your accuser, let your lawyer challenge their claim legally in court.

5. Obey the Court

If you are wrongly accused of a crime you didn’t commit; like sexual assault, the chances are that your accuser will file a restraining order against you. If they do, and the court grants their request, obey what the court says.

Disobeying a restraining order may lead to criminal charges, which will hinder the success of your case. These charges, with the existing accusations, can have severe consequences.


A simple false accusation can cause you to lose your job, your home, or worse, land you in jail. To ensure that you experience these unjust consequences, you must take the necessary steps to handle the case quickly.

Contact a lawyer that is experienced in your case. Conduct yourself appropriately, so you don’t worsen the issue and make matters hard for your lawyer. Finally, be hopeful—you’ll need it to overcome the challenges ahead. 

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