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How to Make Your New Bathroom Cozy and Chic

Bathrooms in the 21st century are very much a part of your lifestyle. Homeowners pay special care to infuse elements of warmth that transform them into cozy and chic glamour rooms. Your bathroom is the place that refreshes and prepares you for the day ahead. Then again, it becomes your haven in the evenings when you relax and rejuvenate. Although bathroom remodeling, like replacements and repairs for shower areas, bathtubs, vanities, and tiles, are best undertaken by professionals, you can add a personal touch with small decorative items. Enhance your home decor with these ideas:

4 Easy Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Colorful Textiles Add a Pop of Color

Slipping into a fluffy bathrobe after a hot shower feels like heaven. So, that’s where you’ll begin. Also, invest in fluffy towels and fuzzy slippers. You’d also get a printed shower curtain to match the theme of your bathroom. Soft bath mats that sink below your feet, hand towels, and finger towels complete the appeal of your glamour room. A good rule of the thumb is to get two sets per family member. Look for linens in a rainbow of colors that will add to the theme and add a pop of color.

Bring in Greenery with Potted Plants

Plants can liven up any room in your home, so why should your bathroom be any different? Many species require very little upkeep and maintenance and the moist environment of your bathroom is perfect for them. Your window sill is the best spot since they’ll catch some sun rays to thrive well. Think pothos, aloe vera, gardenia, Chinese evergreen, and staghorn fern, to name a few. 


Wooden Highlights 

Adding wooden highlights is possibly one of the best ways to make your bathroom cozy and chic. You could go with light wood accents that keep the interiors looking airy and well-lighted. Consider getting a pine vanity or set up a stool with trays for crystals, stones, candles, and potpourri. Or, install racks for stacking towels, toiletries, cosmetics, and other essentials for your daily routine. Maple, sapwood, and oak are other wood tones ideal for adorning your bathroom. Designers also suggest faux wood toilet covers, ceiling beams, or even mirror frames. 

Moisture-Resistant Wallpaper

Wallpapers are excellent decor elements that are easy to install and transform your spaces instantly. Pick out moisture-resistant brands and take care to target walls that are unlikely to get exposed to a direct splashing of water. Check with your bathroom remodelers for information about the walls that conceal plumbing systems and avoid highlighting them. 

Try these ideas for decorating your new bathroom to make it chic and cozy. While you’re at it, let your imagination go wild with faux flowers and foliage, and stick-on wall mosaics. Try fancy hardware like vintage hooks for hanging towels, glass bowls with colored pebbles, and wall art. The possibilities are endless!

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