How to Rock a Backless Dress at Any Event

Backless or open-back—whatever you call it, you’ll stand out in this sexy dress during any event this season. From elegant to semi-formal to casual, backless dresses are a fabulous choice worn by models on the runway, celebrities on the red carpet, and friends at their best friend’s wedding. Are you daring enough to rock an open-back dress at your next event? With these seven tips, you can look gorgeous wearing a backless dress, no matter the occasion!

7 Tips to Look Good with a Backless Dress

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Consider Your Body Type

When shopping for a backless dress, remember to consider your body type. Anyone can look amazing in a backless gown, but it needs to be the right size. If it’s too big, the back will droop and may expose some areas you probably want to stay covered. If it’s too small, the fabric may stretch in an unflattering manner. Make sure your look is polished by choosing a snug backless dress.

If you’re worried about your dress being too loose in places, use fashion tape to secure it in place—this way you’ll feel confident and not have to worry about any mishaps while dancing or conversing with party guests!

Match the Season

We’re approaching summer, and this is the perfect time of year to wear a backless dress—you’ll keep cool with the airy design while looking spicy hot! But don’t fret if you’re planning to attend a fall or winter event. You can still wear an open-back dress. Layer it with a pashmina or jacket, and choose heavier fabrics, such as taffeta or velvet, for a sexy but comfortable look.

Dress for the Occasion

For your next hot date, company gala, or military ball, slip into a backless cocktail dress or open-back formal gown to make it a night to remember. If you’re attending a wedding at a church, consider choosing a backless dress that is a little more modest—perhaps one with a few embellishments, such as crisscrossing straps.

If the celebration is at a fancier venue, such as a banquet hall or country club, grab that gown with a dramatic open-back. No matter what your next event is or where it’s held, you can wear a backless dress, if it’s appropriate for the occasion.

Find the Right Support

You probably know the frustration of not having the appropriate undergarments when it comes time to get ready for your friend’s wedding or your company’s cocktail party. A stubborn bra strap that will not stay in place or a panty-line that ruins the smooth finish of your look. Don’t let this happen when you wear a backless dress.

When shopping for an open-back dress, make sure to grab a strapless clear-back bra, a backless body shaper, or stick-on bra cups to provide you the coverage and support you need. Opt for invisible hipster briefs or low waist seamless panties so you don’t have to worry about creases or bulges.

Do a Skincare Routine

Get your skin ready to shine by starting a skincare routine the weeks leading up to your big event. Use a salt or sugar scrub to clear away dead skin, and wash with an acne body soap if you’re worried about blemishes. Remember to put on sunscreen any time you’re outside. Then, a few days before your big event, schedule a back facial to take care of clogged pores and to hydrate your skin. In no time, you’ll be wearing that backless dress with confidence.

Style Your Hair to Match the Dress

You’ve spent hours scouring dress boutiques for the perfect backless dress. And now that it’s the day of the event, you don’t want to cover the gorgeous open-back design with your hair. Choose an updo that lets your back shine. Hairstyles that work with a backless dress include the chignon, the French twist, the braided bun, or the twisted side bun.

If you like having your hair down, use a hair accessory to pull up some of your hair. A few loose strands across your back can complement the dress but still let it be the star of the show. For our short-haired ladies, we recommend a curly hairstyle to add an extra layer of sophistication.

Add the Finishing Touches

Now that you have the dress picked out and your hairstyle chosen, it’s time to consider the jewelry you’ll pair with your look. With open-back dresses, it’s best to choose only a few staple pieces of jewelry so the dress can remain the focus. Neutral colored earrings and bracelets can help the dress pop. Many backless dresses do not need necklaces, but if you’d like to wear one, choose a backdrop necklace, which highlights the curves of your shoulder blades.

Shopping for a Backless Dress

Wearing a backless dress to your next big event will give you confidence and help you feel beautiful. By following the tips above, you’ll know exactly how to wear a backless dress so you can steal the show at any event.

When you’re ready to shop around for an open-back dress and its accessories, remember to look in a variety of places before settling on the perfect gown. Shopping online at discount dress stores can help you find a gorgeous dress that doesn’t break the bank. Be prepared to answer the question, “Where did you get that stunning dress?” all night long.

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