Back Pain Treatments Under a Chiropractor

A chiropractor is a healthcare practitioner specialized in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Chiropractor care professionals make manual adjustments or manipulation of the spine to treat various types of neuromuscular disorders in the human body.

Most professionals help reduce the paint and enhance the functionality of nerves and tissues in their patients. For many, the overall goal is to improve vitality and energy while alleviating all your back and spine problems. You can click to learn more about how consulting with professionals can help you live a healthy and painless life. 

They also offer guidance to their patients on how to take care of their health through exercise and to practice various therapies for back pain. Let us explore the back-pain treatment offered by a chiropractor.

Assessment and Diagnosis of back pain


The assessment and diagnosis of back pain by a chiropractor is done by a physical examination followed by the diagnosis.

Physical Examination 

In this step, a chiropractor uses different methods to analyze the spinal segments. They may examine the back, spinal nerves, and tissues with or without the use of instruments.

They may use static and motion palpation techniques in the process. Depending on the results of physical examination, they determine which diagnosis methods are to be used for diagnosis of the problem.


In the diagnosis of lower back pain, the chiropractor may classify the low back injuries into three categories. Every back injury falls under one of these three categories.

Potentially serious –

In this category, the reason for back pain is highly serious, like a neurological disorder, infection, tumor, fracture, bleeding, joint infection, or an artificial joint implant issue.

Nerve issues –

This category consists of the problems related to nerves in the back. In some cases, the nerve root in the lower back is compressed that leads to radiculopathy.

The typical reasons for compression of nerve root include spondylolisthesis, lumbar herniated disc, or spinal stenosis.

Nothing specific –

As the name suggests, those cases fall in this category where the cause of back pain is not identifiable. For example, mechanical paint in the lumbar spine is the most common example of such cases.

Depending upon the physical examination and diagnosis of back pain, the chiropractor determines the method of treatment.

What do chiropractors do to treat back pain?

The reason for back pain may or may not be present in the pain area. A misalignment of the spine in the neck or any part of the back can be the reason for back pain. Chiropractors work on spinal manipulation by their hands or using a device.

They apply a limited pressure with their hands or device to readjust the bones or the neck and spine.

The treatment is most effective when used in combination with conventional therapies like massage, hot and cold therapies, electrical stimulation, stretching, and relaxation.

Multiple Visits

When your chiropractor develops a treatment plan, he or she may require you to visit multiple times. Back pain management usually requires multiple visits to a chiropractor for complete treatment.

You need to agree to the treatment plan before they begin the process. There are some reasons for such an agreement.

Agreeing to the treatment plan

At each visit you make, the chiropractor may apply light or forceful pressure on the pain areas or other body parts. They apply pressure to realign the spine and relieve pain.

The pressure may be light or forceful and may be given by hands or a specific device. Your chiropractor may also incorporate massage into your treatment.

The forceful pressure by hands or devices may cause some discomfort in patients. That is why a patient should ask the chiropractor to discuss the treatment plan with the patient. The treatment should be done if the patient agrees to the method of treatment.

Spinal Manipulation

In the process of spinal manipulation, the chiropractor applies a short-arm thrust to the abnormal vertebra in order to improve the functionality. Also known as spinal adjustment, the process reduces the nerve irritability and helps restore the range of motion in the back.

The chiropractic treatment for back pain is supported by firm literature. Many published guidelines advise to include the chiropractic manipulation in the early stages of treatment for lower back pain.


The chiropractic mobilization is the process that involves a light manipulation, stretching, and movement of joints and tissues in the back and some other body parts. The mobilization is aimed to improve the range of motion in the back and muscles that support the back.

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Final Words

Chiropractic care and physiotherapy are alternative therapies to conventional treatment. People with chronic musculoskeletal problems should try chiropractic care to relieve pain and restore mobility in their bodies. A few visits to a chiropractor can help you get rid of chronic pain and live a pain-free life.

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