5 Baby Care and Health Tips for New Parents

Congratulations for your new baby! Now you must be thinking of what to do to make your child healthy and happy? This is the question that many new parents would always face. To make your baby healthy and happy, you as the parents will need to focus on a few parts. 

Actually proper care of a baby should already start when a mother becomes pregnant. It is a big factor for the health of your baby. You need to be concerned with the food you eat and what you drink.

In fact, all the things being consumed by the mother will go to your baby as well. So, if the mother is drinking alcohol or taking drugs, it will not only cause damage to the mother, but also will affect the baby.

And when the baby is born, care has become more important. Parents have to be careful about what their child is eating, and the product to be used. You should choose the products designed especially for infants and babies, such as Good Bubble offers quality baby daily products that you can use at ease.

Each stage of your child’s ages will bring different challenges to parents. When your baby gets older, overall body care and development is an important element for the growth of your child.

You may need some guidance and assistance in raising a healthy and happy baby. Here are some tips that you can use as a guide to raise your new baby. We hope below information will help you and your new child. 

Tips to keep your baby healthy

1. Wash hands frequently

Every single doctor would emphasize the importance of washing hands frequently because your hands are a main media to touch bacterias. Washing your hands is the best way to avoid the spread of germs.

Especially when you are with your child, it is essential to keep your hands clean to touch your baby. 

Please wash your hands after using the bathroom; after touching or playing with pets and animals; before feeding your child, and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. 

2. Water safety

Although it is said all babies swim inside the mother’s body, still remember to always watch your baby out in and near water. It is a must to stay with your baby when they are in the bath because they could drown anytime even when you are just gone a bit to answer a phone call. 

When your baby can start to crawl, you should keep nappy buckets and all the water containers empty if you are not using them. Of course you should always keep them out of reach from your child too. 

3. Keep them out of home Poisons

Babies will not be able to resist many kinds of chemicals. Therefore you should keep all the household cleaners, chemicals and medicines away from your baby’s reach to avoid poisoning and burns. Child-resistant lids help to protect your baby from poisoning.

When it comes to keeping your baby clean, there is an incredible range of baby products in the market. As your baby starts to grow a full head of hair, you may need to use a little more shampoo to clean their hair. To avoid some harmful chemicals, you should choose some kind of gentle baby shampoo for your child. The skin of babies is thinner and will dry out much easier than adult skin, so a baby moisturiser can help keep their skin from getting dry and itchy.

4. Let them enjoy the sun

Exposing to the sun is not a bad thing to babies. You can get vitamin D, the important nutrient from the sun for free into your baby.

20 minutes a day would be fine enough. You can bring your child go out for a walk and enjoy a little bit of the sun bath. If it’s too cold outside, you can place your baby bare chested near a sunny window and play for a while. They’ll get enough Vitamin that helps prevent diseases.

Vitamin D can also improve the skin and sleep of your child, and also boosts brain function. Besides, babies can also get moody without enough sun in the winter, so remember to get them out for a walk in the rays every day!

5. Get them enough sleep

Children with sleep deprivation are more susceptible to germs and viruses, so you should be careful about your child’s sleeping schedule. It is important to help your baby to develop good sleep habits. 

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