What Is The Animal Face Strain And How Does It Affect You?

If you’re aware of Indica and Sativa cannabis strains, you must know about the range of strains they have. However, coming across a top-notch variant that has been created using a blend of very popular strains can be a rare lucky strike. These strains are not only potent but also worth the struggle to get your hands on a stash.

The Animal Face strain is one of these strains that are hard to come by in the market but is high in demand due to its rarity. If you want to know more about its composition, feel, smell, and also its effect on you, this blog has all your answers; keep reading!

What is the Composition of The Animal Face Strain?

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The Animal Face strain is a potent strain with a composition of approximately 20-24% THC. Given its potent nature, it makes an excellent choice for both recreational and prescription use.

This strain has moss green buds which appear dense and are layered with a deep orange-colored fuzz. There are silverish trichomes on the outer layer of the buds which look like a light coat of snow. Packing a notable punch with its aroma, the earthy scent is undeniably a reminder of forest notes that smell like pine and nuts. The twist in fragrance comes with the urban notes of diesel, creating the perfect blend of the slow country life. To add to it, there is a hint of sweetness, which only gets enhanced when smoked. All the notes combine really well, complementing each other perfectly without tipping off the balance.

Trying out this strain is a no-brainer because you will come back to it again. The slow and smooth effect of the Animal Face gives you the feeling of content bliss, calming you while also making you feel joyous. If you want to get yourself a sample to try out, there are great websites that sell high-quality genuine produce of the Animal Face strain.

What Feelings Can You Expect From an Animal Face Session?

The Animal Face strain is an awesome choice for recreational or prescription use. The high is potent yet enjoyable with none of the heaviness that several strains offer to their users. As this is a Sativa-dominant strain made from the Face-off OG and Animal Mints, it also reflects the best qualities of its heritage.

Feelings of euphoria and bliss are the first things you experience followed by a numbing high, which gives you the benefit of pain management if used for prescription purposes. The effects are full-body experiences, which is why it is ideal for night use. 

You can expect to be relaxed and blissed out without feeling dizzy or sick. People suffering from muscle spasms, painful cramps, chronic pain, nausea, and other problems will find this strain to be of great value to them. Even though this Sativa hybrid can be used for recreational use, the medical influence is heavier and will benefit those dealing with anxiety a lot better than other variants.

We advise you to take stock of your personal health or recreational motives before using any strain and research their effects in advance.

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