An Insider’s Guide to Wearing the Right Shoes with Long Dresses

Be it a maxi dress, or a high-slit sequin outfit, long dresses are a staple of special occasions, red carpets, casual day-outs, and date nights. While a gorgeous long dress can help you steal the spotlight in any event, it’s often difficult to decide on the type of shoes to wear. Depending on the design, length, and finish of the dress, and the occasion you wear it to, choose the right footwear by following the suggestions below. 

Casual street-walks in a maxi dress

If you’re out on a casual stroll in a cool maxi gown, you can choose to wear flat sandals, or even sneakers, depending on the shades and patterns of the dress. For a vintage feel, opt for stylish platforms and on a chilly winter morning, boots are the best. In other words, it’s more the occasion and purpose that’ll determine the type of footwear to choose and not the dress. 

High slits and heeled pumps

The high slit dresses can be paired up with heeled pumps of neutral shades, or a pair of gorgeous black ankle boots, depending on the occasion. The fashionista Justfab experts suggest going for pumps if you’re attending any social event and for trendy boots on a casual day-out. Don’t forget to carry a matching clutch bag and put on a cool hat to complement your appearance. 

Platform sneakers with cotton dresses

Nothing matches the casual essence of a pastel-shaded cotton dress and a pair of white, platform sneakers on a cool spring afternoon. You can carry the same look in fall, just by changing the color of the dress from pastels to rustic shades and pairing it up with a denim jacket. Coming to the shades of the sneakers, you can switch from white in spring to back and brown in the fall for maximum effect. 

Sandals with long summer dresses

In summer, if you’re looking forward to creating a subtle impact with your long dress, you should pair it up with flat sandals in the color of your dress. Don’t overdo it with hats or scarves, but you can opt for a stylish handbag or a clutch to bear a casual look. For events and special occasions, however, you should go for a pair of heeled sandals or platforms to take your appearance a notch up. 

Wedges with a floral maxi dress

An off-shoulder floral maxi dress will look best with platform wedges that are not only comfortable but also add to your feminine charm. Put on a straw hat to enhance the overall appearance and don’t forget to carry your eco-friendly tote bag to turn some heads. If you’re into boho trends, this is the best way to style your long dress.

Loafers with asymmetrical long dresses

Now, not everyone can carry loafers as fashionably as Katie Holmes, but then again, not everyone is Katie Holes, right? And there’s no reason to believe that you can’t wear loafers with long dresses. They look too good with symmetrical maxi dresses, abstract-printed or solid, and you can don a professional jacket over it to create a stylish look. Book this style for Friday casuals and get ready for some compliments. 

Mules also go well with high-slits and shimmery sheaths, and you can get matching colors of the same. All you need to consider is the occasion that you’re wearing the shoes for, and let your sense of style take over the rest. Remember, if you look and feel comfortable, you can easily be the trendsetter in any event. 

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