FITNESS 101: 5 Ways To Amp Up Your Exercise Routine

Modern-day life is hectic, and people find it challenging to complete their everyday tasks. They are always in a rush and do not find sufficient time for themselves, as there is still something that needs their attention.

On the other hand, technological advancements have made people dependent on gadgets. A vast majority prefer accomplishing tasks without moving.

Contemporary lifestyle has resulted in many health issues, and health experts associate these problems with physical inactivity. As per doctors, regular indulgence in exercise plays an integral part in preventing illnesses and keeps you fit.

Nowadays, with the media educating people on health issues and maintaining a proper fitness regime, more people are trying to incorporate workout sessions into their routine.

Most people start their training with enthusiasm, but gradually, they start noticing a pattern that their exercise does not show much difference. They are unable to shed any more pounds.

Naturally, they feel disappointed, and many of them leave practice and stop indulging in physical activities. As per experts going to such extremes can nullify all your previous hard work results. 

Regardless of how enthusiastically people start their workout sessions, most feel demotivated after a while and do not seem to enjoy it.

On top of that, no change in their weight makes them disheartened, and they find it hard to continue with their exercise sessions.

Certified fitness experts discourage putting a stop to the workout andsuggest switching up the exercise routine to get maximum results.

Ways to help you amp your exercise routine:

1. Get A Professional Gym Equipment

Gym equipment

Some people find gym sessions time-consuming as it requires them to travel to and fro the gymnasium. They find excuses for not having enough time and do not look for alternatives.

They can quickly get a versatile and easy-to-assemble piece of gym equipment and do the workout at home. Markets have plenty of exercise machines, which are portable yet foldable and offer various exercises.

An all-rounder piece of gym equipment is a smart choice as it will help you target different areas of the body and lose fat.

Gym equipment is of different types, and you can get one as per your budget and need.

Ski exercises target your calves and arms’ muscles and work on your abdominal area. Therefore most people try to do ski exercises to make them fit.

However, it is not easy to train without proper equipment. If you are confused and don’t know how to learn to ski at home, buying professional ski exercise equipment like Aeroski will help you train and shed excess fat. 

The practice will help them boost their workout, and they will feel the excitement of skiing in the comfort of their home. If you love ice skiing, then you will be ready to indulge in the thrilling sport and enjoy your hobby when the ski season starts.


2. Add HIIT To Your Workout 

HIIT workout at home

Cardio exercises are a high-intense workout, which keeps your heart pumping. When you do the same activity, targeting similar areas, your body adapts to the routine and stops reacting to it.

The heart does not pump as much as it did in the initial days. It gradually gets adjusted with your strength training exercises. 

Hence, blending in high-intensity interval exercises in your resistance training sessions will give your body a surprise element and make the workout more effective.

Moreover, a variety of actions do not bore you, and your enthusiasm will not go down.

Start your workout with a warm-up of 30 seconds. You can integrate 15 to 20 seconds of jumping jacks, burpees, squats, or mountain climbing movements in between your exercises.

You can mix these movements and try a new workout every day. Blending in intense cardio movements will make your training versatile and keep the thrill alive.


3. Seek Experts’ Advice

Yoga trainer

The truth is you can get plenty of information about exercise and weight loss on the Internet, but it will not make you an expert. Besides, such information is unauthentic and has no basis.

If you feel that your exercise is not yielding results, then there might be a few things that you are doing incorrectly. Seeking experts’ suggestions will work in your favor, and they may give you some better ideas and You can also get certified courses from certified cancer exercise specialists for prevention of diseases.

Additionally, everyone has a different mechanism and metabolism rate; what works for others may not work for you. Instead of putting in efforts and not seeing any change, a wise approach entails consulting a fitness expert to know if you are on the right track.

Getting a personal trainer may not be feasible for everyone. Still,you can always seek the opinion of someone who has command over fitness training and will guide you to amp your exercise routine.

4. Incorporate Drop-Sets Technique

A drop set is a term that certified fitness instructors use for bodybuilding and weight training. Resistance training exercises focus mainly on strengthening the core and ignores other aspects.

Drop sets, are commonly known as descending sets, strip sets, or running the rack, let you target different muscles, leading to muscle growth. It helps gain strength. 

You can initially try drop sets for the latter part of your workout and then incorporate them in your whole session. Gym instructors encourage people to inculcate some drop sets in their exercise sessions, to have some variety. Blending in drop sets with other exercises yield results in a shorter duration.

5. Get An Exercise Buddy

Contrary to popular ideas, you can make your exercise sessions thrilling. People think that getting a partner will make the workout futile, and they will not see any results. 

On the contrary, a partner can be your motivation and may boost you up when you feel low. Experts say that people who work out with their friends, neighbor, or acquaintance do not feel bored and succeed in achieving their goals. 

A better approach is to have a like-minded person with you, and it will make the session exhilarant. 


Exercise does not show results overnight, and it demands consistency. Some workout techniques may work quickly, while some may take longer.

Experts say that you need to give yourself a little time, understand your body, and then set a workout routine. Trying out different movements will not only keep the spark of exercise alive; it will not bore you. 

When you feel that the workouts are not making a difference, you can try different strategies to amp your exercise routine to achieve your desired results.


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