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Eclectic World Style: How to Add Metropolitan Charm to Your Living Room

When you think of creating a cosmopolitan vibe in the house, the easiest ideas to do so often end up with fridge magnets and mugs. However, thinking a little beyond the conventional can work wonders to the entire look of your haven with things like carpets, stones and shells, metallic plates, pottery, etc. These items can range from having historical or cultural importance in the region, to merely as something to add in an aesthetic value to the display space. 

Having a living space peppered with such items not only helps to create a new dimension but can also become great conversation starters when guests come around. For lending a super chic and well-traveled appearance to your living room, these are a few of our favorite hand-picked items to add to the great world appeal in your home.

How to Decor Your Room with Eclectic Style

1. Pewters for the Coffee Table

One of the most centric pieces of your living space, a coffee table does not necessarily have to seat only the coffee mugs and trays of snacks. As a standard decor to maintain at all times, you should have a set of beer pewters from Germany. These can be bought in the most incredible ornamental patterns, get them in the colors which will complement the color tones around. 

2. African Beadwork Artefacts

It is difficult not to fall in love with these intensely meticulously crafted beaded artifacts from this temperate country. There is just the right amount of exoticness about these figurines. Vibrant with colors, ingenious craftsmanship, and the various materials used which have a great integral past continue to find popularity till this date. 

3. Persian Concrete Art for the Spare Wall

Gone are the days when the first thought about this part of the world will just remind of feisty battles and long flowy robes. The oriental beauty of a persian design is not just limited to their absolutely gorgeous carpets and rugs, but you can replicate the same with some amazing concrete art. The detailed calligraphy is breathtaking and can add a great dimension to the statement piece.

4. Venetian Masks

A mask certainly speaks mystery and these Venetian variants are no different. These beautiful and ornately designed facedisguises are very bold and can be traced to various plays and movies. These eye-catching collectibles can give a European touch to your room in an instant.

5. Moroccan Lights to Illuminate It All Up 

Last but not least, we could not exclude this one out. These lantern style hanging lamps are made up of tinted stained glass and rustic brass. There are some pieces that you can find made up of wrought iron metalwork and other locally sourced metals. The workmanship is extremely elaborate which is definitely awe-inspiring. In a dimly lit room, these help to create a magnificent effect. 

The Conclusion 

In the modern age where you can have everything delivered to you within a click, it has removed the need to travel to distant faraway lands to get your hands on these special antiquities. Thus, we hope that these souvenirs help you to add the quintessential metropolitan charm to your living space. 

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