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Welcome to A-lifestyle.com! A-Lifestyle is your resource for essential, inspiring and enlightening advices and tips for a better, healthier lifestyle. We focus on the following aspects and try to share the best pieces of information to you.

Self care

Self care is really important for mental health and wellness.  We live in a world that is incredibly stressed and are constantly bombarded by bad news.  We also spend too much time behind our computer screens and often don’t look after our bodies. We forget to get up, stretch and breathe.  It is time to treat yourself to something beautiful.


You may already be sporty, and if you are, keep at it.  Instead of playing tennis once a week, play three times a week. Or go for an early morning jog, every single morning. At home workout, gym or yoga are definitely great ideas for better body shape. A best fitness tracker app on your phone or a smart watch is a good idea to track how far you walk ever day.

Natural Beauty

Health is not only for the inside, the “outside” is also essential. Skin plays a huge role as a marker of health. Let’s switch to natural skin care and beauty if you haven’t started yet. You will feel how the natural ingredients feed your skin and nourish your spirit. ?

Healthy food

It is important that you eat well and get your daily intake of protein, the healthy fat, minerals and vitamins. Let’s incorporate “superfoods” into your healthy diet. Blueberries, chia seeds, kale, oatmeal, broccoli, strawberries, almonds, beets and many more.  Instead of having cakes and chips, reach for tomatoes and almonds.

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