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A Timeless Gift Of Nature – AYURVEDA

Ayurveda is a native Indian medicine system. Its locus is found in the reliance on the bountiful Mother Nature . The practices are considered scientifically sound but have no real scientific testimony. 

This wisdom has been inherited from Gods, sages,  humans, and physicians. Off late people have recognised its sorcery and are indulging in its usage. 

Amidst the vast array of Ayurvedic products herbal oil has also gained momentum. Herbal oil is known to be an excellent remedy for damaged hair and is becoming increasingly popular. 

Despite the reservations that come with intaking polyherbal medicines, they are becoming increasingly popular. 

essential oil


The belief lies in the virtue that suggests that one can stay healthy by thinking right. Followed by consuming a natural diet, eating herbs and maintaining a wholesome lifestyle. A little self-introspection to garner the right balance in life can ensure a sound well-being. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle Vata, pitta and Kapha have to be in sync. These are the 4 doshas in the human body. When their balances are perturbed, it befalls in terms of diseases. 

Vata – Space and air:

Subjugates blinking, muscle and tissue movement, breathing, pulsation of heart and all movements in cell membranes. Vata also promotes flexibility and creativity. An imbalance will promote fear and anxiety. 

Maintain the balance by

  1. Keeping warm 
  2. Keeping calm
  3. Avoiding cold cuts
  4. Recuperating
  5. Avoiding extreme temperatures

Pitta – Fire and water:

Subjugates digestion, assimilation, nutrition, body temperature, and absorption. A balanced state will promote intelligence and understanding. An imbalance will transcend into hatred, anger, and jealousy. 

Maintain the balance by

  1. Limiting salt intake
  2. Exercising during evening
  3. Avoiding excess oil
  4. Eating light food 

Kapha Dosha – Water and earth:

Subjugates bones, muscles, and tendons. It circulates water throughout the body. Moisturizes the skin, maintains immunity and lubricates the joints. A balanced state will result in a more calm and loving disposition. An imbalance will transcend into greed and envy. Maintain the balance by

  1. Exercising plenty
  2. Avoiding heavy foods
  3. Eat light
  4. No daytime naps
  5. Vary your routine


The rationale has always hinted in the direction of customary medication. In recent years, traditional Indian medicine (ayurveda) has become more and more desired. It has found a huge market in Europe.

The side of conventional medication includes withdrawals and other influences. That is where focus rallies around Ayurveda. It can help diminish the intake of synthetic chemicals, providing longevity and greater quality of life. It is also not addictive. 

The operation stresses on making basic changes in lifestyle and diet before jumping onto medication.

It encumbers any plant, animal or mineral substance. The usage in the right quantities is extremely cardinal. The belief is that even a poisonous plant can be used for medication when the right quantity is consumed. 

Indian foods are also considered extremely healthy when trying to balance doshas. This can be traced back to the presence of spices. They are obtained from natural substances like flowers, seeds, fruits and woods. Their natural connotations make them all too good. 


There is a  growing emergence of Ayurvedic practices. Including Yoga, eating nutritious meals, meditation, eating right supplements and using natural ingredients for skin and hair care. We will delve deeper into a few cardinal points stressed by Ayurveda for a prolonged life. 

1)  Hydration – It is the holy grail to ensure innumerable benefits. It aids in balancing the doshas, to enrich the heart and stimulate the body. Gargling with salt water is also recommended to wash out toxins from the throat. 

2) Lemon – Utmost importance has been given to the consumption of lemon. Starting your day with a lemon water drink will stimulate the digestive system and promote immunity. 

3) Ashwagandha – Medicines like Ashwagandha that go way back have also gained traction.  It helps cope with stress and anxiety, maintains a healthy heart and may help with the prevention of cancer growing cells. 

4) MeditationThis is a practice in Yoga that focuses on your breath and self awareness. It helps in alleviating stress. 

5) Oil pulling – Swishing around oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes in the morning helps with detoxification. 


All in all the world has now welcomed the growing importance of Ayurvedic practices. We have only spoken about a few but a great deal of them have been found instrumental. This is not the most flawless regimen. However, making these slight adjustments can help improve the quality of life. 

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