9 Things To Know About Living In Houston

So, you wish to move, but don’t to where? A 2021 study shows that one-fourth of Americans have stated they have moved within the country in the last five years. A person spends 13 to 15 years in a home and then switches to another.

Changing states isn’t as common as in the past, but reportedly 1.5% of Americans still do that. If you are into living in some of the most popular American cities, then consider moving to Houston. Read some facts about Houston in this piece and learn if this is the type of place where you want to grow old. You won’t be disappointed!

Interesting facts about Houston

As the fourth-largest American city, Houston remains famous for its energy, delicious cuisine, and diverse cultural heritage. However, before deciding to relocate to Houston, people should know what the city has to offer. From Houston’s rich history and culture to its thriving oil-based economy and many entertainment options – this blog explores what makes “Space City” an exciting place to live in 2023.

Here’s a glimpse into what it’s like to call Houston home.

  1. Affordable

Many people prefer living in Houston because of how affordable it’s become compared to other US cities. You need an annual salary of $42,000 to live comfortably in the greater Houston area. So, if you’re planning to move to Houston, consider renting an affordable Houston TX self storage space where you can keep your belongings safely till you settle in. These units offer high-tech security, video surveillance, and various storage options for Houston residents.

  1. Space-related attractions

Unlike Jack Swigert, you won’t have a problem with Houston because of its different attractions and other entertainment options. Since Apollo 13, the city became famous for its NASA-related activities, e.g., flight control, astronaut training, and human space exploration in general. You can also visit the Johnson Space Center to learn more about the history of humanity conquering the depths of space. Attend exhibits with your friends and educate yourself about America’s space victories.

  1. No zoning laws

What’s amazing about Houston is that it has no zoning restrictions. Houston’s zoning laws are considered more “laissez-faire” than other cities; it has fewer zoning restrictions when it comes to any commercial development. There are also no zoning laws for single-family housing units.

  1. Rodeos

There’s nothing more Texan than attending rodeos and watching cowboys and cowgirls showing feats of strength, control, and coordination on a creature’s bare back. Rodeo events may include bull riding, saddle bronc riding, team roping, and barrel racing in Houston.

  1. Food

Houston is a famous hotspot for enjoying delicious Texan cuisine. With some world-famous chefs as well as popular dining establishments, residents can enjoy Space City’s diverse cultural heritage through the city’s different delicacies. Here are some examples:

  • Nobody can refuse a sizzling hot saucy barbecue filled with pork.
  • Cajun establishments offer foods e.g., gumbo, étouffée, and jambalaya.
  • Houston is also known for its Tex-Mex, a mixture of Texan and Mexican flavors.
  • Traditional southern cuisine includes mac and cheese, fried chicken, and other meals.
  • The Gulf Coast makes different places for seafood available, including oysters and crawfish.
  1. Commute

Since three-fourths of Houston residents own cars, driving can become a headache in the downtown area during rush hours. The city has been ranked the third-worst city for traffic in the country. Many people prefer living in the suburbs, but you should get a place near your workplace. That’s how you may avoid getting stuck in traffic daily on your way to work or back home. Try to carpool instead of driving your vehicle to lower your carbon footprint.

  1. Natural disasters

Houston residents are vulnerable to natural disasters; no hiding this fact. The city is located in a low-lying area, so residents may face widespread flooding after heavy rainfall. The Gulf Coast is right there and makes the city an easy target for hurricanes, e.g., Hurricane Harvey. The subtropical climate causes heatwaves, and the semi-arid weather brings droughts. But the city also has a quality emergency management program to counter all these threats and protect people.

  1. Crime

Every city has its crime problem, and Houston isn’t an exception! In the 1970s, Houston was hit by an atrocious crime spree that also affected nearby Pasadena. In 2010, the city’s murder rate was the sixth-highest among all US cities. In 2021, it was reported that Houston’s homicide rate had risen by a whopping 30% and is expected to increase even more. Take precautions, e.g., being aware of your surroundings, locking doors and windows, and keeping valuables out of sight to stay safe.

  1. Areas of interest

The “Bayou City” isn’t just known for its affordable housing, intricate commute, or amazing rodeos. This place also has some pretty attractive areas of interest, monuments to the history and grandeur of Houston. It’s the hometown of celebrities, e.g., Beyonce and Jim Parsons, while accommodating the only opera house to win all three honors, i.e., Tony, Emmy, and Grammy. Moreover, you can relocate to this great Texan town for some of the “largest” attractions it has to offer its residents in 2023:

  • The world’s largest medical center, Texas Medical Center
  • The state’s largest shopping mall, The Galleria
  • America’s largest urban wilderness preserve, the Arman Bayou Nature Center
  • The largest Texan Hindu temple, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan 
  • The Astrodome, the world’s first indoor AC-domed stadium 



Houston offers a unique blend of civilization, entertainment, and opportunity. From its world-renowned museums and cultural institutions to its affordable housing and endless entertainment options – you’ll have an active life in Houston. The city has become an attractive destination for young professionals and new families alike. Houston’s mild climate and easy-to-access outdoor activities make it an ideal place for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. This blog provides a glimpse into what it can be like living in this dynamic Texan metropolis. Whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity or just a change of pace, Houston is worth considering.

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