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9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands For A Soothing Home Environment

Your home is where you sleep and relax. So, it should always have a calm and soothing atmosphere. With the help of an essential oils diffuser you can cleanse the air, relieve stress and reduce negative emotions. Essential oils used in an aroma diffuser have amazing therapeutic benefits at the mental, physical and emotional levels. The heating oils in candle or wax warmers denature some of the compounds and reduces their properties. 

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle

With Aroma diffusers, you can enjoy the benefits of potent essential oils to the greatest extent. The best part is getting full control over which oils are dispersed in the air as well as their duration and concentration. So, buy an essential oil diffuser to boost energy, elevate the mood, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain and improve overall health. Plus, your house will always smell great! 

With so many options available in the market, it can get difficult to make the right choice. There are many types of different diffusers available like heat, steam, ultrasonic and nebulizing. So, let’s look at the 9 best aromatherapy diffuser brands and their top products.

9 best aromatherapy diffuser brands

URPOWER diffuser

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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URPOWER manufactures some of the best aromatherapy diffusers in the market today. But the URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser released in 2019 truly takes the cake. It boasts of advanced ultrasonic vaporizing diffusion technology that can turn any home into a therapeutic environment. It produces a fine mist for up to 6 hours using only 2-3 drops of essential oils and 100 ml of water. It also has an automatic safety system that shuts off the device when all of the water is used up. The gadget is small, handy, aesthetic and whisper-quiet. It has adjustable mist mode and seven color LED light changing options. 

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GuruNanda diffuser

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffusers come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and prices. The Bellissimo ultrasonic diffuser has a rustic yet modern look that can complement all types of home décor. Available in a 230 ml size, the device has built-in LED lights and an automatic shut off safety system. Some of their other products include White Tower diffuser, Mini Tree USB diffuser and Dew Drop diffuser.

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InnoGear Diffuser

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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InnoGear is another market leader and innovator of essential oil diffusers. The InnoGear Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser has 100 ml water tank capacity and 7 color LED lights. When waterless the device shuts off by itself so that it does not get burned out. The mist button can be used to switch between intermittent mist and continuous mist. Use only 100% natural essential oils and clean the diffuser regularly for maximum benefits.

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Now Diffuser

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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Lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle with the help of NOW Foods Essential Oil Diffuser. The Metal Touch Ultrasonic Diffuser looks sleek and modern and has rotating LED lights. It can continuously run up to 7 hours and shuts off automatically. Their Portable USB Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser is great for using in your office, hotel or car. It comes with a portable carrying case and fits nicely in the car cup holder. Don’t miss out on aromatherapy even while you’re traveling.

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Young Living Diffuser

10 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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Young Living diffusers are a unique and effective way of getting maximum benefits from your essential oils. A nebulizing or atomizing diffuser works using the same mechanism as a perfume atomizer. It uses an air pump to create a vacuum and send the essential oils from the bottom to the top as a fine spray. So, it disperses pure essential oils in the form of vapor of million micro-particles. Their AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser is a Nebulizing Diffuser which is a small pyramidal device that can operate continuously for up to 3 hours. It gives the users time control, vapor volume control and 5 different LED display light settings.

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Nature’s Truth Mini Diffuser

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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This is a very small portable diffuser that is great for use in home, office, hotel or car. Don’t get fooled by its petite design, it is a powerful device that delivers full benefits of aromatherapy. It is a plug-in oil diffuser that can be plugged into any USB port for operation. It also comes with an USB adapter, so you can plug it into a wall outlet if you want. Fill the diffuser with distilled water until 1/4th inch below the top and add 5-10 drops of essential oils. It can run continuously up to 5 hours and up to 10 hours in interval setting.

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Saje Diffuser

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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Have an unforgettable experience with the Saje Natural Wellness Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser. The Aroma Om diffuser uses 100 ml of water and 10-15 drops of essential oil to diffuse across a 400 square feet space. The mist lasts for 6 hours in continuous mode and 3 hours in intermittent mode. The whisper-quiet device cleanses the air with the goodness of nature and shuts off automatically. It has a sleek ceramic cover that blends with any décor and an optional LED light feature too.

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Airome Diffuser

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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Airome essential oil diffusers come in a variety of sizes like large, medium and pluggable variants. Their car diffusers and pluggable essential oil diffusers are small and handy devices that can be plugged into any USB port or power outlets. Their porcelain diffusers are beautifully designed in the shape of a plant and also work as a show-piece. The waterless essential oil diffuser disperses the aromatherapy oils straight from the bottle. They also have medium ultrasonic diffusers with 100 ml tank capacity and large ultrasonic diffusers with 250 ml capacity.

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Vitruvi Diffuser

9 Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Brands - Alifestyle
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Vitruvi has crafted a beautiful White Stone Diffuser that sports a matte ceramic finish and blends with modern and contemporary décor. The 90 ml BPA free plastic water tank can defuse up to 3 hours continuously and up to 7 hours intermittently. The automatic shut-off feature helps to ensure the safety of the users. 

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These are the best aroma diffusers to deliver the therapeutic benefits and the natural goodness of essential oils.

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