8 things to look for when selecting your baby earrings

Baby earrings are the most common jewelry item purchased every day by millions. Gifting your child a pair of baby earrings can make their moments memorable and happy. But there are a few things that must be kept in mind when purchasing baby earrings.

Their ear lobes are soft and tender and are prone to infection as their skin layers are thinner in these areas. Additionally, babies have lower immunity levels compared to adults. This too can serve as a restraining factor for babies.

Nowadays while shopping people are attracted to a lot of different designs. But, if you want your baby to consider your baby’s happiness then do keep in mind a few essential factors that play a crucial role in maintaining your baby’s wellbeing.

Keep all these given points listed down while shopping for your baby’s earrings.

Eight essential points to note when shopping for a baby’s earrings

baby with earrings

While shopping for babies brings joy, do not always turn towards the trendiest things in the market. Take care to find what seems best for your baby.

  1. You must purchase baby earrings at least be six months from the day the baby’s ears were pierced.
  2. Most importantly, do not go for any metal when buying your baby earrings. Stick to gold, silver, titanium-plated or stainless steel when shopping for baby earrings. The primary reason for choosing these metals when shopping for your baby earrings is their hypoallergenic nature. Allergic metals can cause rashes, itchiness and redness, in and around the baby’s piercings. A source of trouble, allergies can cause infections easily.
  3. Keep a tab on the kind of latch used to lock the studs in place. Several types of fastenings are available for earrings. But for your babies, use only screw back earrings and safety backs as they will not pinch and bite your baby’s tender skin.
  4. Keep your baby’s earrings in a clean place after removing them from her ears. Wipe them clean, place them in a box wrapped in a soft cloth.
  5. Keep the size of your baby’s piercing in mind. Do not give them earrings bigger than their ear size. They might end up losing them or might get hurt from the sharp edges of the earrings. What fits your baby’s ear in six months might not fit them in the third year. Measure their ear size and consult the baby’s jewellery expert before buying a pair for your child.
  6. Do not gift design that can hurt them or poke them. Do not try jewelry with edges and sharp cuts.
  7. Do not try precious stones when your child is just a few months old. Go for them only when your child can keep the earrings carefully in place.
  8. Check if the jewelry pieces are hallmarked, and do not buy anything other than hallmarked pieces.

Here are the essential parts of jewelry shopping, and if you miss any of these points, chances are your baby earrings may not be the best piece for her. But, if you can remember these eight valuable pieces of advice, your baby earrings will have more meaning than ever.

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