8 Gift Ideas for A New Mom

Whether you’re going to be attending a baby shower or simply visiting a mother who has recently given birth, choosing the right gift is an absolute must.

However, choosing the perfect gift can be a problem, especially if you don’t know the mom well, or if you don’t know what necessities she may be lacking. Here is an overview of some great gift ideas that will help you make the absolute best choice.


Best Gifts for New Mothers

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1. Receiving blankets

Even if the new mom has receiving blankets already, which she likely does, she can never have too many. Not only do babies tend to dirty blankets (and everything else) frequently, but the new parents are likely to need lots of everything, because in the beginning the parents may be too tired to do laundry often.

Even in warmer weather, newborns are often swaddled in receiving blankets because it gives the baby the snug feel that they’re used to from being in the womb, which provides some comfort.

Another positive aspect of choosing receiving blankets as a gift is the fact that there are so many choices of designs available that you’re bound to find some really cute possibilities.

2. Personalized gift set

Another very nice possible gift idea is a personalized gift set. You could choose any type of gift set, but the personalization aspect is what will make it extra special.

You could personalize it using the baby’s initials, full name or even the family’s last name. Regardless of which you choose, your gift is bound to be a treasured hit for many years to come.

3. Baby monitor

Every new parent would like to be able to monitor their baby 24 hours a day, even when baby is in his or her crib. There are numerous types of monitors available, and all you have to do is determine how much you want to spend and then search for the best monitors in that price range.

4. Gift hamper

A gift hamper is a great idea for the new mom in your life. Not only can you include a variety of useful items in the hamper itself, but the new mom and the baby can use the hamper in the future.

It could be used as a laundry basket, among various other things. Where can you find a gift hamper for a new mom? You can find one just about anywhere, and it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping online, at a mall or at your local Big Box store.

Of course, there will be many different types, in various price ranges. Simply choose the one that fits your budget, then decide on the best hamper in that particular category.

5. Diapers

You can’t go wrong by opting to purchase diapers as a gift for the new mom. Babies go through numerous diapers in a 24-hour period, making it one of the most used items for babies of all ages.

Many parents use disposable diapers, but others use diaper services or even cloth diapers that are laundered at home. This gives you many options to choose from upon deciding to purchase diapers as a gift.

The new mom will undoubtedly appreciate any type of diapers that you decide on, so simply decide which is your most preferred option and then proceed with your purchase.

6. Spa gift certificate

One thing that new moms don’t get much of is rest and relaxation. Babies demand around-the-clock care, making sleep very scarce in the beginning.

If you really want to purchase a wonderful gift, you might consider giving the new mom a gift certificate for a local spa.

You could also opt to either accompany the new mom on her spa visit, or even babysit so she will have the opportunity to go. 

7. Cash

Any new parent can use extra money. Babies are little and cute, but they’re also very expensive. A day’s worth of formula can cost more than $10 alone.

That’s not taking diapers and other necessities into consideration. Regardless of the amount of your cash gift, the new mom and her family are bound to greatly appreciate your thoughtful gift. 

8. Food delivery

Whether you decide to deliver dinner one evening via Doordash, or have a week’s worth of groceries delivered, the new mother will be very grateful.

Having a new baby is a big adjustment, and with the demands of being a new parent, daily meal preparation may be temporarily placed on the backburner. Simply find out what meals the new parents like and then shop accordingly. 

As you can see, it isn’t difficult to find the perfect gift for a new mom. New parents will likely appreciate any gift you choose. As long as you put some thought into the gift before you make a decision, you’re likely to find a gift that will make you feel proud.

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