7 Unique and Fresh Bachelor Party Ideas

Planning a bachelor party should always involve strong consideration of what the groom wants to do. Further, instead of turning to stale ideas for pre-nuptial celebrations, groomsmen should think outside of the box to plan an exciting celebration that is the right fit for the groom. 

Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Axe Throwing 

Among the latest trends are axe throwing bachelor parties. Participants don’t need to have any experience to go axe throwing. Typically, staff members offer a brief instructional demonstration at the start of the party. Also, if some members of the party don’t want to throw axes, they can sit back and watch. Try to get involved though. Axe throwing is a fun skill-building activity. 


Golfing is another active bachelor party idea that is suitable for all skill levels. Beginners might want to take a lesson or go mini-golfing. Grooms and their friends who are regular golfers could go to the driving range for the day. Consider a driving range that sells food and beverages for a full-service experience.

At-Home Hibachi

For the guy who loves a well-cooked meal with a bit of entertainment, hire an at-home hibachi chef to come to the house. These companies typically provide all of the ingredients and cooking gear that are necessary. Find out if the party can be hosted outdoors for a summer celebration.

Paint Night

Artistic grooms will love a paint night with their closest friends. A few different options exist. For example, the guys can paint a picture, a wine glass, or a piece of pottery. Some studios have rooms for private events, so the celebration can be closed off to the general public. In other cases, the participants might want to sign up for a general class at the local studio and then go out to a favorite restaurant afterward. 


Picking up a bow and arrow to try to hit the target is another way to celebrate a bachelor party in a healthy way. Both indoor and outdoor archery spots exist, so celebrations can take place at any time of the year. Members of the bridal party can set up a friendly competition among themselves to determine who gets to buy the first drink for the groom. 

Wine Blending

Going to a winery, brewery, or distillery for a tasting is a fairly common practice when it comes to bachelor parties. However, less common is a wine-blending class. During this type of class, the group can learn how different varietals are made. Then, participants may be invited to combine various types of wine in unique ways to make their own new favorites. Grooms can even surprise their future spouses with a custom bottle of wine. 

Take a Boat Ride

Heading out on the water is enjoyable and relaxing. Also, this possibility offers an array of options. For example, bridal parties might go on a night cruise that serves dinner and drinks. However, a bachelor party could also involve a fishing trip or whale watching. In other scenarios, one of the groomsmen might own a boat that the group can go out on before having a waterfront dinner or after spending the day at the beach. 

Bachelor parties have seriously changed over time. Planners are looking for fun activities that bring the group together. Considering some options other than the standard celebrations can help in accomplishing this goal.

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