7 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger You Should Know

Ginger is related to superfoods like turmeric and cardamom. This spice has a lot of health benefits that may surprise you. This spicy root has long been used in the medical traditions of different countries around the world. In Chinese medicine- ginger is associated with health and longevity. This plant is loaded with antioxidants and compounds that decrease the risk of life-threatening health conditions.

Ginger is easy to incorporate into your everyday diet. There are different types of ginger (fresh or dried) and ways to consume it. Below are 7 proven health benefits of ginger that may convince you to take it regularly. 

1. Reduce menstrual pain

Ginger root has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, it may be helpful in relieving menstrual abdominal pain and cramps. Ginger is the most effective among all-natural remedies for pelvic pain relieving. In addition, ginger may fight nausea that often occurs during menstrual periods. However, ginger may not be as effective if you regularly take pain-relieving medicines like ibuprofen. 

2. Improves digestion

Consuming ginger tea on a regular basis is a great way to soothe an upset stomach. It also can promote healthy digestion after a heavy and fatty meal. Ginger is effective in relieving nausea and vomiting. Another beneficial property of ginger is to fight certain intestinal parasites. This decreases the risk of many unpleasant problems that intestinal worms may cause. 

However, ginger is not able to prevent or treat food poisoning. If you suspect you have food poisoning then contact your physician immediately. 

3. Lower the risk of diabetes

Ginger may be helpful for people who have high levels of insulin. Certain compounds of ginger are linked to improvements in insulin and metabolism. Eating ginger-flavored snacks will not help you reduce the risk of diabetes. It is important to both consume ginger (dried or fresh) and practice a healthy sugarless diet. You may add ginger in your smoothies or even soups to add some spicy taste. 

4. Lower the risk of cancer

Ginger has a cell-protecting property that may decrease your risk of certain types of cancer significantly. Ginger lowers the cellular activity that triggers DNA changes and contributes to cancer. This spice also reduces the cell death and multiplication of cancer cells. In people who already have cancer ginger may increase tumor sensitivity to treatment options like radiation or chemo. 

Ginger is not a treatment for all chronic conditions but consuming it regularly you may decrease their risk significantly. 

5. Lower the risk of heart conditions

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Thanks to ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties it can be vital for a healthy heart. This spice decreases the levels of blood lipids that may contribute to heart disease. Regular ginger intake is linked to lower blood pressure, a decrease in cholesterol levels, and blood sugar. High cholesterol and blood sugar levels will eventually cause heart and circulatory problems. 

6. Boost immune system

Ginger is a great source of gingerol. This is an antioxidant that may support proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, ginger contains other antifungal and antimicrobial compounds that may strengthen your body against infections and colds. It is easy to incorporate ginger in your everyday diet. You may add it in your salad dressing or just prepare a ginger tea with lemon. This will boost your immunity significantly. 

7. Reduce muscle and joint pain

Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this ginger may help you ease muscle and joint pain, including arthritis. Ginger supplements may decrease muscle soreness in athletes after sweat-dripping exercises. You may consider adding ginger to your everyday diet if you often experience muscle and joint pain. This is an effective and natural way to prevent and relieve muscle pain. 

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