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6 Types Of Kitchen Lights For Every Modern Home

The type of lighting you choose for any room of your home can be a complete game-changer. Therefore, lights are considered to be the most simple yet efficient way to revamp your rooms.

To do this, however, simply recognize a certain pattern, interior-wise, that is followed in the entire home and try to think of places to add or subtract the light fixtures to get the desired effect!

Sure, there is no doubt that all the rooms of your house should have proper lighting, but as per kitchen designers, you should especially be aware of the importance that light holds in your workstation, i.e your kitchen. 

For example, while talking about a contemporary kitchen, it generally has natural lighting because of door-sized windows around it. However, you can use it to your benefit and integrate artificial light that compliments the natural one to create an absolute masterpiece. 

But bear in mind, only when done properly, kitchen lights can be both – attractive and functional. In fact, they can illuminate your space while enhancing the architectural and decorative elements of your kitchen. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some types of lights for every modern kitchen out there!

1. Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights have become a common element of every household – and for a reason. Generally lined in twos or threes, above the island of the kitchen, these lights go perfectly with the overall decor of the kitchen, be it vintage or modern.

By installing pendant lights, you can add color, style and focal point to your kitchen which is exactly what you need to revamp your space just by changing lights!

2. Cabinet Lights 

The classiest way to show off your cutlery and cabinet stock is by installing puck lights in them. However, these lights will work wonders if your cabinet has glass doors.

Alternatively, for cabinets with non-glass windows, you can easily install LED strips underneath them. This will illuminate the kitchen countertops while giving you eye-catching visions of the cabinets. 

To top it all, both of these lights come in a version where you can choose to install dimmer switches for adjustable ambience. So why not consider installing these switches to complement the ambience to your mood? 

3. Track lights 

Track lights, if installed properly, can become the most important element of a modern kitchen; it can solely influence the entire look of the kitchen. 

This means, if you are looking to give a new look to your kitchen without digging holes in your pockets, just install track lights on the ceiling and have a brand new kitchen at your disposal! 

Moreover, in terms of functionality, tracks can curve in whatever direction you want. So, you can easily illuminate your particular task areas by pointing these lights at them. Lastly, these lights are also the easiest to install, so a win-win for everyone.

4. Spotlights 

For those larger kitchens, there’s a possibility that general lighting and task lighting is not sufficient. For this problem though, consider installing spotlights.

Just like track lights, spotlights can also be directed in the desired direction and towards any task station that you want.

5. Recessed lights 

Recessed lights are multifunctional, meaning they can be used not only as general lighting but also over particular task areas. What’s more, these lights are the most common type of lighting which come in standardized sizes and shapes. 

Since these are multifunctional, they can be spaced 5-to-6 feet apart for general lighting and can be placed closer in proximity over task areas. The best part is that you are in control of choosing the kind of bulb you want.

However, you could consider installing dimmer switches in this area as well if you prefer to have that flexibility in your hand.

6. Multiple Light Fixtures

Multiple light fixtures are a one-stop solution for those kitchens that have fewer electricity outlets. If you happen to have one connection on the ceiling, consider installing a multiple-light fixture. This kind of light will occupy just one electrical outlet and illuminate more surface area with its multiple lights. 

Additionally, these lights are ideal to illuminate the island or peninsula of your kitchen. But again, do consider having dimmer switches especially if the counter surfaces are reflective. 

To Sum Up

When it comes to designing a kitchen, always begin by introspecting your space, your preferences and your budget. This is because once you decide to revamp or build your kitchen from scratch and do some research from your end, you will realize that lighting is ‘the game’ in the entire look of your kitchen. 

The bottom line is, with the help of enlisted types of lights, you can easily change or build the look of your kitchen without breaking your bank. The final look will make you feel illuminated, happy and the resulting space will bring your family together!

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