6 Top Tips For Improving Your Posture

Some experts estimate that 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain during the course of their lives and that poor posture is one of the main reasons for this ubiquitous agony. As vast numbers of Americans spend a huge portion of their lives sitting at desks, hunching over their phones, and getting into bad postural habits, posture takes a hit. It is important that you try and improve your posture before you start getting consistent back pain. The sooner you improve your posture, the better your chances are of having a back pain-free life. Here are some top tips for improving your posture. 

See A Physiotherapist 

Qualified physiotherapists like the good folks over at ATL physio are experts in making postural assessments and corrections. They will examine you thoroughly, ask you questions about your lifestyle and ask you to demonstrate your posture. Using the information gathered from these diagnostic tasks they will then use a combination of physical manipulation, education, and exercise planning to help you improve your posture for good. The earlier you see a physiotherapist, the better. Although they can help you after back pain has begun, they can help you more before your posture has begun to cause you pain. 

Don’t Slouch

Slouching might seem more comfortable in the short term, but in the long term, it compresses your organs, puts uneven pressure on your spine, bends your lower back, and strains your muscles. Pretty much every lower back injury can be made worse by slouching. Remember: BBC. Bum in Back of Chair. 

Beware Of ‘Phone Neck’

phone neck

Constantly checking your phone can really damage your posture. This is because people often slump their necks down to check messages or scroll through social media pages on their phones. If you do check your phone often, make sure to regularly straighten and stretch your neck. This keeps your muscles healthy and ensures that you don’t end up with a permanent hunch. 

Pick The Right Mattress 

girl is having good sleep

A soft, pillowy mattress will make your posture worse while you sleep! Firm mattresses encourage sleeping in the correct position and will ensure that you do not wake up with a bad back. 

Pick The Right Chair

Modern Americans spend a great deal of their time working at desks. Picking the right chair is an essential step towards improving your posture. Pick a chair with a high back that is comfortable to scoot back into. Chairs that promote good posture tend to be at their most comfortable when your tailbone is positioned right in the ‘corner’ between the chair base and the backrest. 

Exercise And Stretch

Types of yoga for mental health

Regular exercise strengthens your muscles, which in turn helps your back get the support it needs. Even light exercise is extremely beneficial. Stretching activities such as yoga are also great for improving your muscular strength, flexibility, and overall posture. Doing some simple yoga exercises every day can significantly benefit your back health and improve your ability to hold good postures for longer. 

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